Saturday, February 23, 2013

A MAJOR Update!

So I have completely neglected my personal blog.  It's hard enough keeping up with my photography blog (Kaptured by Koren Photography).  So much has happened in the last nine months and I wanted to share a little from that time in the form of, OF COURSE, photographs! 

My precious Reagan graduated from Kindergarten.  I'm so proud of my sweet pea!

Nobody deserves a wonderful Father's Day more than Nick!  He works so hard for us and comes home and is so present and involved with the kids.  They LOVE him, probably more than they love me, but I'm ok with that! :)

Every year I visit my friend Jenn and her 4 girls on their farm.  Jenn and I have been friends for almost 20 years, that's crazy.  We met in 9th grade, played sports together, and became closer friends AFTER high school, which is awesome.  Love this lady, I look forward to our time together every year!

Along with visiting Jenn, we then hit my Mom and Dad's house in Oak Harbor. The kids just love seeing Grandma and Grandpa, going to the beach and the park, and seeing my grandmother, Elayne!

The summer was SUPER busy with with many photo shoots, and the weather was so cooperative for me.  I also was working with a broken left wrist, ugh!  That was NOT fun, but I made it work.  Not a fan of broken bones, just sayin'.  School and MOMS group started up again too.  I had the opportunity to go on a much needed girl's trip with some wonderful friends of mine for a weekend in Bend in October!  We had so much fun doing whatever we wanted, no kids, some shopping, naps and a night out! Ahhhhh, heaven!

And my little model turned 7!  She continues to impress me, and I just love her so much!

My sister Shonda and her family, kids Jessna and Shrade and husband Jeremy, came for a visit for Thanksgiving!  We had such a fun little visit and took advantage of the one clear day to get a shot of all the cousins together!

Then Christmas came WAY too fast.  I was trying to get into the Christmas spirit by doing some baking with the kids, all the while making a HUGE mess!  Trying not to stress. :)

On Christmas Day, we did something new!  We headed up to Mt. Hood and took the kids innertubing.  It was SO fun to just go to the snow and play all day!  

Not to be forgotten, Jordan got into mischief!

AND.....I finally purchased a new CAMERA!!!!!  I just love it and had to start using it right away!  The clarity and speed is fabulous, the focal points are about 10 times what I was working with before and I can shoot in pretty dark light and still come up with a great photo!  Ahhhhh, can't wait for the sun to shine and to get back out with the families I've come to meet over the past few years and some new clients as well!

Again, so thankful for the awesome friends I've made the past few years.  Here we are on a wine tasting tour for my friend Dawn's birthday.  So much fun!

My friend Kaycee, again friends since high school, came to visit last weekend and we were able to fit in a little mini shoot for her family.  This was the first time I got to spend some extended time with Kaycee since she became a mommy!  I'm so happy for her and Jon, and Lily is just SOOOOO cute, like a tiny china doll! We got to go on a date night and just relax at home with our kids!  Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to come visit! :)

And finally, just WAITING for the rain to end!  I'm sick of being stuck indoors with the kids with nothing to do!  Itching to get out and be creative.

I hope to stay caught up more, but if not...ehhh!  Life is busy, can't help it! :)