Saturday, May 31, 2008

Potty Training!

Here's our big girl now, going on the potty. She's doing such a great job. We have yet to master the poop and nighttime potty but otherwise, she's doing awesome. She's very proud of her Dora and My Little Pony panties. Good job, Reagan!

Pre K Graduation!

Yesterday was Ethan's Pre K graduation picnic. It was alot of fun and I was so proud of him. He's going to be a big Kindergartener next year. Good job, buddy!

Ethan with his friends: Mason, Sam, Ryan, Ethan, and Reagan, trying to make it in the shot!

Ethan and his wonderful teachers, Miss Rena (left) and Miss Lauree.

Miss Rena sharing what Ethan had written about his favorite times in school.

Graduation program, singing the alphabet song with all the sign language to each letter: here is letter "C".

Ethan with two of his best friends, twins, Sam and Ellie.

Ethan and Sam, buddies.

Never Ending!

This is just two days worth of laundry piled up. I'm very underwhelmed about tackling it. Where does it all come from? Not a minute after getting about 4 loads done and put away do I see another pile beginning to form. But without the piles, I wouldn't have the little (and big) bodies that go with the clothes. Every rose has it's thorns. :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Reagan's Injury!

So for Memorial Day Reagan and I spent some time in the ER. She and Ethan were playing outside and he swung his golf club and hit her in the eye. When I first saw it all bloody, I thought it was coming from her eyeball. Thank goodness it was just a cut right above it. She had to have two stitches and was such a brave little thing. But talk about giving you a heart attack! This is why moms get gray hairs (which by the way I'm having colored next week, yessssss!).

This was the morning after and she's very puffy, but in good spirits! :)

This is today, 3 days later, starting to get black and blue, but not so puffy.

The red is just scabbing and dry blood from the injury, and we don't want to scrub it off and open the wound, so it's just a beauty mark for now. She likes looking at her owie in the mirror!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Reagan's First Haircut!

The other day I took Reagan to get her first big girl haircut and this fun place called Kids Castle Cuts. The whole place is just for kids. They get to sit in cool cars for their seats, play with toys and get a treat when they're done. And the best part is, no matter how obstinate your kid may be, they will still get a haircut! My kids were great but I've seen some tantrum throwers and yes, they need their hair cut too.

Here's Reagan's time and I just wanted to show a little comparison of when Ethan went for his first haircut. He was also only a year old, whereas Reag's is 2 1/2. Oh, well, his hair just grows fast. :)

She even got pretty clippies and sparkle spray. Unfortunately my camera ran out of batteries to get the full on finished product. :( She loved the pampering though.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sprinkler Fun!

We've been enjoying some glorious weather here lately. So we broke out the swimming suites and sprinkler and got wet (well the kids did, swimming suits and I are in a long term ongoing disagreement). :) Here's some pics I snapped while they were playing!

Had to get a booty shot of Reag's in there, so cute!

They enjoyed being chased by the water.

Takin' a break!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I've been tagged!

Stephanie tagged me! Here goes... :)
Four jobs I've had:
-camp counselor
-file clerk at dentist office (ick)
-title clerk at a Ferrari dealership

Four movies I've watched more than once:
-Singin' in the Rain
-Indiana Jones Trilogy
-Miss Congeniality

Four places I've lived:
-Oak Harbor, WA
-Portland, Or
-Reading, PA
-Stafford, VA

Four places I've been:
-Maui, HI
-Victoria, B.C.
-At least driven thru all 48 lower states
-Dominican Republic

Four TV shows I watch:
-America's Next Top Model
-I Love Lucy (all the DVD's)
-The Biggest Loser
-What Not to Wear (I like that show too, Stephanie)

Four people who email me regularly (doesn’t include blogging comments):

Four of my favorite foods:
-prime rib
-thai food (green curry)
-turkey burger from Burgerville :)

Four places I would like to visit:
-The Bahamas
-Lake Tahoe
-Disneyland with the kids

Four things I'm looking forward to in the coming year:
-visiting our friends in CA
-becoming an auntie (my sis is having her first in November)
-becoming debt free (besides the house)
-turning 30, I don't know if I'm looking forward to it, but here it comes, ready or not!

Four friends I'm tagging:
-Jessica Ubel
-Erin Oranen

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ethan's Mother's Day Songs

I've never posted a movie before. :) This is of Ethan singing his Mother's Day songs with his class. He's one of the only ones doing the hand motions, too. Watch to the very end because the last words of the song are "I love you" and he points right at me. Love it! Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 9, 2008


When was the last time you enjoyed a picnic with a nice...juicy...peanut butter and jelly sandwich?! Whip one up! It was good!


Pre K Mother's Day

Today I got to go to Ethan's PreK class for a special Mother's Day party. I love going to school with him and seeing what he does during the day.

He played so nicely with his friends at circle time.

I got a lovely hand made tissue paper flower!

What a treat to hear them sing!

My darling and wonderful son!

This is the poem that was on a craft he made for me with a handprint on it:

"My Hand Prints"
There used to be so many
Of my fingerprints to see
On furniture and walls and things
From sticky little me.
But if you stop and think awhile
You'll see I'm growing fast
These little moments disappear
You can't bring back the past.
So here is a special handprint
Just so that you can say
This is how my fingers looked
When I placed them here today.

Go grab your Kleenex! :) Happy Mother's Day to ALL!!!!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Redecorating: Room #1 Done

Reagan's room used to be our guest room before we had her. The walls were a dark green and her crib bedding went with it fine, but it wasn't very cutesy for a two year old. Here's how her room used to look:

Now that she's in a big girl bed, new bedding and all, we wanted to give her a new room. She loves blue so we wanted to incorporate that but not make it all blue. We're also working on redoing the trim on the inside of the house to white instead of brown oak, that we currently have, so we thought we'd start with Reagan's room since it was getting an overhaul anyway.

She got a new 6 panel door (the others were just plain oak, no panels), new paint job, and our own version of crown moulding.
New closet doors as well, a nice upgrade from what she had. Nick has done all this woodwork, while I'm more in charge of the colors and design.
The finished product! Also, a few other brag points :), we got her adorable sleigh bed off of Craigslist, mattress, boxspring and all for $200. PLUS, the Pottery Barn Kids comforter I was wanting and trying to check out on ebay, I found instore, in the 50% off bin (YESSSS!) and it was cheaper than ebay because I would have had to pay for shipping and there's no salestax in Oregon. Score!
A big girl room for our big girl!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Got Kids? Get M.O.M.S.!

I'm a part of an awesome ministry at my church called MOMS (Moms Offering Moms Support). I'm a table leader this year and it has been a wonderful experience. I appreciate this place so much because no matter what your age, ethnicity or religion, we're all moms looking for the same thing. I've made lifelong friendships that I never would have found otherwise. Here's a little snapshot of my "table". Crazy and small as we are, it's awesome: back row, from left to right, Amanda (my co-leader), Kat, Carmelle, bottom row, Lori, Sherry and Me.

If you're ever wanting to come visit let me know. There are about 150 attendees, 12 tables each with two leaders, great speakers every week and the most awesome spread of food imaginable. Plus, cheap childcare. :) Come and be refreshed. Love my girls!