Thursday, May 8, 2008

Redecorating: Room #1 Done

Reagan's room used to be our guest room before we had her. The walls were a dark green and her crib bedding went with it fine, but it wasn't very cutesy for a two year old. Here's how her room used to look:

Now that she's in a big girl bed, new bedding and all, we wanted to give her a new room. She loves blue so we wanted to incorporate that but not make it all blue. We're also working on redoing the trim on the inside of the house to white instead of brown oak, that we currently have, so we thought we'd start with Reagan's room since it was getting an overhaul anyway.

She got a new 6 panel door (the others were just plain oak, no panels), new paint job, and our own version of crown moulding.
New closet doors as well, a nice upgrade from what she had. Nick has done all this woodwork, while I'm more in charge of the colors and design.
The finished product! Also, a few other brag points :), we got her adorable sleigh bed off of Craigslist, mattress, boxspring and all for $200. PLUS, the Pottery Barn Kids comforter I was wanting and trying to check out on ebay, I found instore, in the 50% off bin (YESSSS!) and it was cheaper than ebay because I would have had to pay for shipping and there's no salestax in Oregon. Score!
A big girl room for our big girl!!!


Mama G said...

So cute! I love the colors and the bedspread is adorable, and way to go on your deal shopping!

Jenny-Nae said...

This was interesting to see, since I was around your house while all this was taking place it didn't seem like such a change but compairing one pic with another it really was! lol. Awesome on the money savings too!

Jessica said...

wow! that's so cute. you are amazing. i may need your help to decorate my house!