Monday, July 28, 2008

Visit up North!

I just got back from a trip with the kids up north to Lynden, WA and Oak Harbor where my parents live. I visited one of my very best friends, Jenn, and her girls on their farm. We always have a great time. Jenn and I went to high school together, played sports, and she was in my wedding. She now has three girls, Taylor and Kennedy are fraternal twins, almost 3 and Sophie is almost 8 months old. The kids all play together so well.

Kennedy (left) and Taylor

Jenn and I!


Ethan and Sophie
Then we went Oak Harbor to stay with my parents for a few days. We love it there, it's so peaceful and quiet and we find all the fun little parks to play at and beaches to throw rocks at.

Playing catch with Grandma Nettie

Reagan on the slide

Finally a good picture of my boy, on the swings.

Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Nettie, at the beach.

Playing at the beach, one of our favorite past times when we go see G&G.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pictures of Reagan!

Yesterday I had Reagan dressed up to go to a baby shower with me and she looked so cute and grown up, I took the opportunity to take some pics in our back yard. I love the sweater dress over jeans look. The two above are my favorites.

The pictures turned out so cute and I love my crop and soften features on my camera, too. We had fun. Ethan on the other hand didn't want any pictures taken, so it's not that I didn't want any of my little man. :) He just wasn't into being my model at the moment.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Nap Time!

I guess Reagan couldn't quite make it onto the couch before falling asleep. How funny!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just Playing!

I was just fooling around with my camera, trying different features, hoping to be artistic. :) Here's what my fumblings came up with.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Trip to CA: Jet skiing!

On our second day there, we went jet skiing on Lake Isabella. It's beautiful and hardly anyone there so you can zoom around all you want. And the weather is so warm, just perfect. Tim and Tabi know the man who owns the marina so we got to use 3 of the skis for free and just pay for fuel, what a steal, let me tell you.
Tori and Taegan enjoying a little swim.

Ethan having a great time too.

Reagan sitting in our camp shade, having a snack.

Tim and Tori coming in from a ride.
Thanks guys, we had so much fun. Wish you lived closer. Hope you all enjoyed my little diary of our trip. We had a great time but it's always nice to come home. :)

The rock slides in motion

Tim and Nick got pretty crazy at the rock slides. Here's a couple short clips of them running and sliding on their butts going over the falls. Tim gets alot more air than Nick, it's pretty funny!

Trip to CA: The Rock Slides!

One of the days we went to some rock slides up in the mountains. It was a long windy drive and Reagan and Ethan got carsick (in Nick's car, Tabi and I were in the other car), and did a little throwing up (Reagan threw up three times to be exact, ugh).

The slides were made from runoff from the mountains so the water was really cold. But we had a great day.

The car ride up there.

Our little camp. Reagan slept most of the time in the stroller.

Tim catching some serious air over the last jump.

Nick the daredevil going strong, too. Not to be outdone. :)

Tori with all her equipment.

A LESS than glamorous shot of me totally biffing it.

Tabi making her way down. Is it cold? Oh yah!

And you thought your gas prices were high? This actually wasn't one of the highest we saw. EEEK!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trip to CA: Our friends!

We met Tim and Tabi here in Vancouver. They used to be our neighbors up the street. They were our "couple": the girls AND the guys got along. At that time we didn't have any kids but they already had three. Tabi and I were pregnant together in 2003 (me with Ethan and her with Taegan) so that was fun to share. We were so sad when they moved three years ago and this is our third trip to see them and they're wonderful family. We love you guys.

Here's Tylee (kid #3) being silly. She was only a year old when we first met her. Now she's 7.

Toni and I, she's of course not cooperating, that's a 13 year old for ya!

A decent pic of Tabi and I. Nothing was satisfying that girl. Of course, I'm slouching, but what else is new. :)

Again, misbehaving. I gotta keep that girl in line.

Taegan, their youngest, with their 4 month old puppy Great Dane, Biggen. He was such a good dog. Reagan LOVED him.

Toni was taking our picture and just NOT following our directions. :)

The clan from left to right: Tylee (7), Tori (10), naked Reagan, Toni (13), Ethan and Taegan (4 1/2).