Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trip to CA: The Drive!

We just made our annual trip to visit our good friends, Tim and Tabi Hogue and their four girls, in Lake Isabella, CA. So here's my picture diary of our time.

As seen above, traveling at a nice clip, about 73 mph.

The CA sunrise, about 5am. Boy, I'm tired just thinking of it. We left at 6pm on Saturday night and arrived at 9am the next day. That's really good time for us.

Tuckered out, Reagan asleep at about 4:30 am. Probably not the safest trying to take these pics while driving. Hmmmmm.

The view from my rearview, Ethan zonked out.

Check out the bugs on the windshield. Nasty.

Lake Isabella is located about and hour east of Bakersfield. Our friends actually live a little more east in Onyx, about 400 people. Yep, pretty small.

You have to drive through a treacherous canyon from Bakersfield to even get to Lake Isabella. I didn't get a picture of the sign but as you're entering the canyon it shows the death toll of people who have died in the rapids (about 250) and then a big sign saying, "Stay Alive." That makes you feel really confident. :)

Smoke billowing from a new CA wildfire while we were there. Pretty scary. After this day, the whole sky was a haze with the smoke, we didn't see blue sky til we got back to WA.

Just a reminder, don't throw cigarettes out the window! I thought it was a funny sign.

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