Monday, January 31, 2011

at the park

The weather is TRYING to get nicer. Right now we've been getting sunny days but it's absolutely frigid outside so that makes outdoor fun pretty minimal. Last week we were able to get out for few minutes (it really was only a few minutes) so the kids could blow off some steam. We rushed over to our church before the sun set and let them play on the small playground there. Simple fun is always the best.

Jordan's first time on a big slide. She looks less than enthused!

Then, Mommy got to "play" and take a few shots of my beloved family.

I love this one of Nick and the kids.

Here's to more sunshine and days at the park.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fun with my Girls!

Today I wanted some more practice taking indoor pictures, since of course, the weather is NOT cooperating. I have a photo shoot tomorrow with my good friend and her daughter who is 3 weeks younger than Jordan. I thought of this concept of having Reagan playing dress up with mommy's things: wedding veil and high heels. What little girl didn't do that with their mom's clothes, or at least wanted to?

I love this expression on her face, almost sad.

Just the heels, adorable.
I'm really working on honing my skills, getting crisp, clear eyes as well as practicing my editing skills, too. I'm so lucky to have such willing a photogenic models at my disposal. Plus, it creates great memories for all of us.

Reagan's eyes are SO piercing, I love it. Trying to get Jordan's eyes are tough because they are darker and Ethan's pupils take up almost all the color in his eyes, but Reagan's are such an unusual color, they change, and they are SO bright!!!!

I love this soft light. I might use this for her one year birthday invitations.

So cute, sister giggles!!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kids, Families and now...Bellies!

Yesterday I did my first maternity photo shoot with my long time friend, Erin. What a blast and such a photogenic girl. Check out the photos on my photography blog!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fun things

It's already January 2nd, 2011. Happy New Year! I'd like to say something original and profound but I've got nuthin'. :) Just having more fun with edits, fooling around with my camera.

I've got many people coming to me wanting photo shoots. This week I'm going to do a maternity shoot for my longtime friend, Erin. I have another friend wanting family and extended family pictures taken as well. I've even had some offers of shoots with dogs. Oh boy! That should be interesting. I'm doing my best to do research, come prepared to the table with ideas and advice, and to have fun in the process.