Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Aimee's Baby Shower!

Yet another one of my friends has a bun in the oven. Aimee and I played volleyball together my last year at Multnomah Bible College, her first year. I remember the first time I saw her I was all intimidated: "Oh, great, she's so pretty and really good at volleyball." Then we became fast friends, and she's still pretty and still great at volleyball, although right now I don't think she'd be jumping too high.
Congratulations, Aimee and baby Brooklyn (due early July)! It's fun to see my friends having babies, makes it easier for me NOT to be pregnant. More babies to hold and no weight gain, a win/win to me.

8 Years!

Today is our eight year anniversary. Man, that's a long time, to me anyway. We were 21 when we got married and I don't really feel much older. That seems like such a baby now. Here's a few glimpses back for those of you who weren't able to be there, June 24, 2000.

The young (and skinny) bride.

A bit too cheesy walking down the aisle with dad! I did do my own flowers though, go ahead, be impressed. :)

I love this picture of Nick and I! It was a gorgeous day, just like today.

A couple days after the wedding, opening presents at mom and dad's house. Boy, we just look sooo young.
I gotta say, after 8 years, my style is WAY better now. I could have used a trim and some serious highlights then. Took a couple years for that to kick in. But to me, Nick hasn't changed a bit. Still boyish, still slim, still silly. I didn't marry him to change him, thank goodness. :) And he says I look better now than when we met so props to him.

Thank you, my love, for a wonderful eight years. I can't imagine my life with another or without you. You're the best husband, dad, provider and self image uplifter (is that a word) a girl could ever ask for. I love you forever and ever. Always!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Pygmy Marmosets

You HAVE to watch this. This little clip shows the sense of humor that my 2 1/2 year old has. We were playing a Diego bingo game and one of the animals is a pygmy marmoset. Well, it's funny enough hearing such a young kid try to say that, but then she was doing this really funny voice. I just had to tape her doing it. Check it out, what a crack up!

New Hair

Yay, finally I got a much needed cut and color yesterday. My hair girl works wonders on this ol' mess (thanks, Erin). But I love the shape, the color and this is the shortest I've ever gotten it. Yes, it's a nod towards Katie Holmes, but I wasn't particularly going for that. I just wanted a fresh look so as not to look like the tired mommy that I am.

Trying to get my good side. :)

view from the back, cute bob! makes my face look skinny too!