Saturday, May 9, 2009

MOM Prom 2009

Yes, you heard right, we went to the Prom. Our MOMS group at our church hosted our first annual MOM Prom and it was such a blast. There was dancing, desserts, giveaways and prom pictures. I dragged poor Nick and along and he was such a sport (and luckily he knew some guys there so that helped too). Memorize this picture because it's pretty rare that you'll see my husband dancing. I got him up for 3 slow dances, couldn't persuade to do any fast ones so I danced with my girlfriends. Woo hoo! It was alot of fun.

One thing I'm very proud of was that my dress was...are you ready... $10!!!! I got it on the super duper clearance rack at JC Penny's. So great!

Me, Angela and Cassie. We all go the same gym and take Spin class together.

Kat, me and Amanda. Amanda and I are table leaders and Kat was at our table last year and now she's a table leader this year. We miss her at our table though.
Me, Cassie and Marlene. I play soccer with Marlene, she's also a table leader and Cassie sits at my table.
Cassie and I on the dance floor, our husbands chose to sit it out.

I don't know...

My shoes were sooooo awesome. They were incredibly comfortable and on sale when I got them. Not one blister or sore spot!

Lisa, Cassie and I.

Amanda just had her 3rd baby (in 4 years, I KNOW), so she's showing off her cleavage. :)

Yay, he danced with me.

What a super fun night. I never went to a real prom because my school only had banquets, so this was alot of fun to go to, and probably alot more fun than high school proms.! :)