Sunday, September 27, 2009

19 Weeks

Well I'm almost half way done with my pregnancy, ALMOST! I'm starting to pop out a bit more and not being able to exercise hasn't helped with my non weight gain goal. Oh well. If my dr. gives me the eye I'm just gonna say, You know, I'm very rigid about my eating and exercise habits when I'm not pregnant so I'm just not gonna let it worry me right now. :) I just keep praying that our little one is safe and sound in my tummy even though it's a day to day thing whether or not I'm feeling well. I've thrown up my breakfast a few times which isn't fun and I get worn out and a tight abdomen pretty quickly too with much activity. Just trying to take it easy right now.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

We're seeing Pink!

I had my ultrasound last Thursday at 18 weeks. We found out we're having a girl again and we're very excited about it. We still haven't decided on a name but I'm sure we'll find something to agree on.

The next day a nurse from my doctor's office called to let me know that according to my ultrasound I have a low lying placenta. So now I'm on "pelvic rest". If I do too much activity it could cause bleeding and contractions which of course isn't good. Unfortunately, I have been experiencing alot of shortness of breath and tightening in my abdomen when I'm going about my daily chores so this is part of the condition that they want me to stay away from. No more workouts, no more vacuuming (boo hoo), no more lifting heavy things, basically a step up from being on bedrest. I'll have another ultrasound at 28 weeks to see how it's progressing as it can correct itself. If the placenta stays low covering the cervix a person may need a c-section which I really would rather not do (sorry for all the details).

Other than that, I'm feeling pretty good. It's nice having Ethan in school all day so I only have one kid to take care of. Nick hired a cleaning service to come once a week since I can't do my chores myself and he's just not around very much to be able to help either. And my sister is coming next weekend to help me out a bit as well with laundry and meals. Just trying to hang in there and keep me and our new little one safe.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First day of 1st Grade

Today was Ethan's first day of 1st grade at a new school. He was so excited to go meet new friends. I'm so glad my son doesn't have first day jitters like his mommy used to have a child. I was always so nervous and paranoid about starting new schools, it was scary. But he goes into it with a smile and jumps right in. And I didn't even cry when I dropped him off.

We always have to take first day pics with Reagan too. Here's a progression of the last 3 years and how they've grown. It goes so fast:
1st grade 2009

Kindergarten 2008
Pre K 2007. How cute are they? My babies.

All ready to bolt out the door. My big 6 year old.

Reagan likes to dress up for Ethan's first days of school too. She'll be joining in on the school fun next year which I know she'll be more than happy to do. At least she didn't cry when we dropped him off this year like she did last year. It's going to be a nice relaxing fall and winter with my girl before this new baby comes.