Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm an Auntie!

My one and only sister, Shonda, had her first baby (my first niece/nephew ever) Thanksgiving morning at 12:39am. Shrade Joseph Knowlton FINALLY entered the world via c-section after almost 18 hours of labor. He weighed in at 9 pounds 13 ounces and was 21 inches long. That explained why he wasn't coming out the other way. :)

He's beautiful and precious and I'm so proud of my sister. She went through a lot of pain and was so strong. She and Jeremy are ecstatic over their "little turkey". I just wanted to share some pictures of the events of the day!

Shonda planned and really tried to go natural. But after being induced and many hours of labor, she went for the epidural. So here's a nice and relaxed smile from her after getting that. :)
Before the c-section, Shonda was able to choose a few people to go in with her. So of course Jeremy went, but also my mom and I which I was very surprised and honored to do.

Shonda and Jeremy after delivery. Finally, it's over.

First cries. Isn't he precious?

Meeting mommy!

Yikes, I'm a big boy!

So angelic

Proud Grandpa Jeff!

Grandma Nettie

This one is so cute of Jeremy and Shrade while Shonda was in recovery.

Yes, I'm in love! We bonded alot. I think he misses me now!
Thanks for letting me share and for all your prayers. He's such a wonderful blessing and a precious little boy to wonderful parents that will take such good care of him. What a treasure!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ethan Nicholas

Reagan was tagged for this by my friend, so I thought I'd do Ethan Boy as well:

Name/Meaning: Ethan Nicholas, Ethan means "solid, enduring", Nicholas means "victory of the people"
Age: 5 years, 4 months
Nicknames: Ether's, Buddy, Ethan Boy
Favorite Activities: playing with Dad, playing sports, the Wii, friends, school
Favorite Music: anything he can sing along to
Favorite Toys: Power Rangers, Legos, sports equipment
What makes him happy: playing with Dad, special date days with each of us, getting praise, playing board games, helping bake
What makes him sad: when he doesn't get his way, when his feelings are hurt (he's our gentle spirit), when people don't understand what he's trying to say

Now, we tag: Seth (Gretchen), Wesley (Erin), Isaac (Shannon), "Little Man" :) (Mia)

Reagan Elayne

My friend Amanda tagged us with this fun little game... so here goes!
Name/Meaning: Reagan Elayne, Reagan means "impulsive" and Elayne means "torch or moon"
Age: 3 years old
Nicknames: Reag's, Tootsie, Tootsers, Sister
Favorite Activities: playing with brother, being girlie, playing with Daddy (being thrown on the bed), watching Dora and Boz.
Favorite Music: Contemporary Christian, bedtime songs with Mom
Favorite Toys: her babies, stuffed animals, purse, blankie
What makes her happy: definitely playing with Daddy, treats, being a "helper" with Mommy, wearing "pretty lip", tickles
What makes her sad: when Ethan hurts her feelings, when Mommy yells at her, when she's trying to do something on her own and can't do it, but doesn't want anyone else to help her

Now, we tag: Taegan(Tabi), Emily (Chris), Brooklyn (Jessica), Bella (Mia), Chloe (Kat)

And Now My Baby is 3!

Reagan turned three on November 15th. She's such a big girl now. Here's a few highlights from her special day!

She HAD to have a pink cake. I think I succeeded. I was pretty proud of myself, I mad this heart cake for her and she loved it!
We hid her presents in the family room and she had to find them.

One of her favorite gifts, "Pretty Lip" (lip gloss).

Another special gift, nailpolish. Daddy's so nice to put it on for her.

At breakfast with my big girl!

Breakfast at Shari's (IHOP was too crowded). Also her birthday Barbie. And her face pancakes, Yummmm!

Blowing out the three candles.

Yay! I'm three!
Thank you all for the sweet cards and well wishes. You made our big girl feel so loved.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Family Traditions!

One of our family traditions growing up was every Christmas we would make MGM cookies. I think my mom got it from her mom. So I finally got the recipe from her and made cookies yesterday with Ethan (Reagan was taking a nap). We had so much fun. This recipe just reminds me of many Christmases and I really want to bring traditions that I grew up with to my kids as well. So if you're seeing this and you live nearby, you may be getting some our homemade cookies soon. It's beginning to feel alot like Christmas. :)

First we had to get some cookie cutters because I didn't have any. We found a deal at an outlet that had 101 for $10. Steal! That's also our ball of dough.
Ethan rolling it out, he was so proud of himself.

Putting the cutters in place.

The dough is DEFINITELY the best part of this recipe. It's soooooo good!

Decorating time!

Our beautiful creations!

Slumber Party!

The other night, the kids really wanted to sleep together. Ethan didn't have school the next day so I gave in. That is SO not like me. :) The rules were that they could talk and laugh and giggle, but they had to stay in bed. They did so great, but were up until about 10:30. Finally, they passed out. Nick took this picture of them in Ethan's bed. How did their shirts come off? I don't want to know.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Clean House!

I had a clean house the other day so I felt the need to capture it on film. I also repainted my downstairs bathroom (again, I think this is the 3rd color) so I have a picture of that, too. Enjoy the cleanliness with me! :)

I also rearranged the furniture in our family room to make it more open. I'm liking this much more. And we weeded out a few unnecessary toys as well.

Here's to more clean days!