Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Break Trip

Do you ever wonder why it's called "Spring Break" when it's not a break at all? I often do.  Anyway, that aside, I took a much needed mini vacay to Spokane with all three kids by myself (yes, be impressed) to visit my longtime friend, Erin, and her family.  They just moved from Portland and were getting settled in their new home.  The kids always love visiting new people and places so I knew they would enjoy the trip.  And for me, it was just a nice break to spend time with a friend and fellow mom who "gets" what it's like, that we can look over the heads of our kids with wide eyes that say, "You're driving me NUTS."  Those are the best kinds of friends.  Here's some shots from our trip...
Baby Tatem is just 1 year old, she only loved her mommy. :)

Jordan being helpful.

Wesley being a robot in his box.

Jordan not fitting so well in a toy stroller!

Wes was pretty impressed with Ethan and all his "knowledge". :)

Just having a ....moment!

Haha yep this says it all!  Mayhem! 

 Jordan was VERY attached to Erin's husband Andy.  She ran to him faster than his own kids did when he got home, demanding he pick her up for some cuddles.  He was a good sport about her obsessiveness but I felt bad, sheesh, he has his own kids to tend to. :)
Thanks for such a fun time, full of yummy eats, lots of laughs (dressing room:)) and wonderful company!