Friday, December 26, 2008

Turning 30!

I've come to grips with it, I'm 30. But that doesn't mean I have to act like it. I've got awesome friends that made me feel special on my big day. My friend Erin (whom I didn't get a picture of when we were out) took me out for dinner and drinks at a cool resturant in downtown Portland. We braved the first day of really bad snow to meet. Thanks, Erin!

Next, my friends Renee and Tracy (who I know from MOMS and we also play soccer together) took me out to the Spaghetti Factory and then to a movie and THEN to Shari's for pie and coffee at 1 am. These girls don't stop. In between we hit Khol's and had some fun in the lingerie department! Ah, good times.
On my actual birthday, December 24th, Ethan was the first one up to come in a wish me Happy Birthday! It made my heart warm that no one had to remind him. What a sweetie. We still had snow so Renee and Tracy and their kids came over to sled down our great hill. I've wiped out a few times and have whiplash. Nice, I'm falling apart already.
I'll face my 30's with bravery and poise, and a good dose of Koren sized fun. I may be getting older but I like who I've become. I'm not as afraid to take risks, I surround myself with positive people that challenge and encourage me, and I've learned that just because I'm a mom doesn't mean I can't still be ME. I have a handsome and wonderful husband who still tells me I'm hot (whether I always believe him is still in question)! My kids are well adjusted, kind, funny and love God. What more can I ask for. My friends are one of a kind. There are many different circles from where we've met, whether it's high school, college, volleyball, Cannon Beach, neighborhood or the church, you're all important to me and have made me what I am today. Your acceptance is beyond measure.

And my wonderful family that brought me up. Mom, Dad, Shonda and Grandma Layne. I missed you all this year. We've spread apart but you're still at my core. I love you all and "Little Tiny Koren" will come visit really soon.

Happy Birthday to ME!

Our Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful white Christmas this year. What a treat. It was so beautiful and snowy here. It's been many years since there's been snow for Christmas, and I've enjoyed it thoroughly. The Christmas Eve services were canceled from church so we brought church home this year.
Nick read Luke 2 of the first Christmas for us and the kids sang a couple Christmas carols that Ethan's been learning at school. We thanked God for providing for us through this rough year and that He would continue to do so in the years to come. We're so thankful for our family, home, friends and all we've been entrusted with.

It's our tradition to open gifts on Christmas Eve (that way you don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn the next day). The kids were very excited with the few things we gave them. I'm all about keeping it simple and they were perfectly happy with it too.

Ethan got new shoes which he really needed.

Reagan got a new doodle pad since our other one is so trashed.

Some of their favorite children's books about Miss Birmbaum, by Lisa Passen. Check them out, they're really funny.

New fleece blankets that I made the kids.

And their big gift was a Leapster for them to share and they each got a game to play in it.

Reagan and her "quillow" from Auntie Shonda (quilt and pillow).
Nick got me some new workout clothes and shoes and a $25 gift card to my favorite coffee stand that serves the chai I love. He knows me so well. I got him and collage of pictures of the kids for his office at work, a couple new shirts and a new "bath sheet". It's a huge bath towel and we got one for our wedding that he's always used because he likes how big it it, but it's so old and gross, so I got him a new one. He's very hard to buy for but I knew he wouldn't guess this one and it was something he would really use. :)

On Christmas Day, Nick's mom and brothers came over to have Christmas dinner with us. I made all the fixin's. The turkey was so yummy. Ethan played the Wii with his uncles and Diana and I played a few board games. It was fun. I missed not being with my side of the family, I think for the first time ever. But it was still a very Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Few More Snow Pictures

We have gotten WAY more snow since the last pictures I posted. Turns out, this is the biggest snow storm this area has seen in 40 years. And yay, we get to be in it. Aside from suffering from a dose of cabin fever and restlessness it hasn't been to bad. Having lived on the East Coast growing up, I miss having snow this time of year. The sledding has been great and when the wind and flakes are blowing in your face, it really is quite fun.

We don't have a sled but this old laundry basket is AWESOME. Kids were so jealous of how fast we were going they were calling their parents to bring them one. One kid said to me, "That's so cool when you make your own sled." Well, when you don't have a choice...
Reagan in plastic container tub. This didn't work as well as the basket.

Ethan cruising down the hill.

Icicles hanging from our front porch.

Our brief moment of blue sky against the snow. So pretty.

Our sad little snowman in the back yard. He's gotten an extra layer of snow since he was created.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Days!

OOOO, so we have our "Winter blast." Hardly. But still, a little snow is better than none. Although I'm pulling my hair out with the kids. We're all experiencing a little cabin fever, AND, this is just the start of Christmas break. You can tell I'm totally excited. :)

Our front yard. I like this picture because it reminds me of the lamp post in the woods in "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe."

Nick building a snowman with the kids, although it's more leaves than snow.

Here Tabi, here's a picture of your old house. :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Festivities!

Our Christmas is finally here. Things have been pretty crazy since my sister had her baby and I've felt out of the loop. It was hard for me to get revved up to decorate for Christmas. But once we got the tree in and the kids helped me decorate the tree, I was feeling in the spirit once more. They were such good, careful little helpers. We got this wonderful tree for FREE from a guy that Nick works with. Merry Christmas everyone, it's my favorite time of year.

Nick and Reagan at Ethan's Christmas concert at school.

drawing on paper.

My singing boy!

Ethan's class also put on their own Kindergarten "Joy to the World" play. Ethan was an angel and his friend Caleb was one of the wisemen.

"The stars in the sky...."

"...looked down where he lay..."

"...the little Lord Jesus..."

"...asleep on the hay."
Merry Christmas, and Happy birthday, Jesus! :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Party Pics!

Every year our MOMS leadership group puts on a party for the women who help serve in the ministry. It's fun getting dressed up and going to parties, I just don't get to do it that often anymore. So here's a few fun shots of the night. By the way, I loved my dress that night. I had seen this dress at a shop that I frequent called Romy. But when I went back the day of the party, it was on the clearance rack: Score! It went to just above my knees and then I wore black leggings and ballet flats with it. So comfy and cute. So just had to share cuz I was proud of that.

Um Hello, can you tell the food was AWESOME?!
C'mon, Kat, you know you like the self shot portrait! I torture her, poor thing.

Here's a better one of us that her hubby took.

Look who's behind you?

So the girls know I like to pose, why can't they join in? Kat and Renee!

This is a great pic of Nick and I, FINALLY! We never have good pictures because he's always making some goofy face. Yes, I know my hair's in his way but oh well.

Woman, you takin' my picture?

Ok, fine, I'll tone it down!

Oh, yum, a chocolate covered brownie. Look my arm got fatter just thinking about it!
What a fun night. Thanks to all the ladies that worked hard to put it together. You're the best.