Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Festivities!

Our Christmas is finally here. Things have been pretty crazy since my sister had her baby and I've felt out of the loop. It was hard for me to get revved up to decorate for Christmas. But once we got the tree in and the kids helped me decorate the tree, I was feeling in the spirit once more. They were such good, careful little helpers. We got this wonderful tree for FREE from a guy that Nick works with. Merry Christmas everyone, it's my favorite time of year.

Nick and Reagan at Ethan's Christmas concert at school.

drawing on paper.

My singing boy!

Ethan's class also put on their own Kindergarten "Joy to the World" play. Ethan was an angel and his friend Caleb was one of the wisemen.

"The stars in the sky...."

"...looked down where he lay..."

"...the little Lord Jesus..."

"...asleep on the hay."
Merry Christmas, and Happy birthday, Jesus! :)

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Mama G said...

How precious is he, I love the pics of Ethan singing!