Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Party Pics!

Every year our MOMS leadership group puts on a party for the women who help serve in the ministry. It's fun getting dressed up and going to parties, I just don't get to do it that often anymore. So here's a few fun shots of the night. By the way, I loved my dress that night. I had seen this dress at a shop that I frequent called Romy. But when I went back the day of the party, it was on the clearance rack: Score! It went to just above my knees and then I wore black leggings and ballet flats with it. So comfy and cute. So just had to share cuz I was proud of that.

Um Hello, can you tell the food was AWESOME?!
C'mon, Kat, you know you like the self shot portrait! I torture her, poor thing.

Here's a better one of us that her hubby took.

Look who's behind you?

So the girls know I like to pose, why can't they join in? Kat and Renee!

This is a great pic of Nick and I, FINALLY! We never have good pictures because he's always making some goofy face. Yes, I know my hair's in his way but oh well.

Woman, you takin' my picture?

Ok, fine, I'll tone it down!

Oh, yum, a chocolate covered brownie. Look my arm got fatter just thinking about it!
What a fun night. Thanks to all the ladies that worked hard to put it together. You're the best.


Mama G said...

What fun! And you look HOT in that sure is fun to dress up!

Jenny-Nae said...

YOU GOT THAT AT ROMY?! Oh man! how did I NOT see that?!

The Hogue's said...

You guys look great, and I love your poses its so you.