Friday, August 28, 2009

15 weeks

So yesterday I turned 15 weeks in this pregnancy. We spent the day at Cannon Beach, one of our favorite places. I'm feeling pretty energized, but unfortunately the weight gain has kicked in. Bummer! I've put on about 4 pounds now, but I know how it likes to sneak up on me. Gotta keep it in check.

I finally made my ultrasound appointment where we'll find out the sex of the baby for September 17. Yay! Can't wait!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Pamper me Pretty

Last night I got to be a part of a really fun party. My friend Yarra's mom, Anita, is an exclusive shopper at Nordstrom. The store threw a party for her and a few friends and Yarra invited me to come. We got to enjoy catered food, makeovers from the makeup department and $200 to spend on whatever we wanted. Wow! It was so fun. And this was all after the store was closed so we had the entire store to ourselves. So here's some pictures of our night.

Our food spread, we enjoyed prawns, salmon, exotic cheeses, veggies and sparkling juices. So good. And since there were only 6 of us we got quite full.
Yarra at the Chanel counter, ready for her makeover.

My "before" shot, a little scary.

My "after" shot. Sooooo much better.

I got my makeup done by Sasha at the MAC counter. She was so fun and did a great job. I wanted her to do something different than I would normally do and it turned out so pretty.

All made up.

Shopping in the shoe department made us happy. I got new shoes and the lipstick and lipgloss Sasha used on me. Yah $200 doesn't go far in Nordstrom but I'm not complaining. It was fun to get stuff I wouldn't normally spend my own money on.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ethan turns 6!

Our little man is not so little anymore. Ethan turned 6 on August 12th. We took him out for a special breakfast at IHOP, where he got his breakfast for free. Then we came home and he got his gift, new golf clubs. He LOVES to play and is very good. He's also left handed when he plays sports (but not when he writes or eats, who knew?) so finding clubs wasn't easy. Nick took the kids to the Clark County Fair for the afternoon so I could rest, and we ended the day with a yummy ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

Surprise! He was so excited.

Reagan got in on the fun too, pink practice balls.

Ethan on his 1st birthday with Grandpa Jeff (their birthdays are 2 days apart). My, how he's grown.

13 weeks

I'm now 13 weeks into my forever long pregnancy. That's it???? I think I'm finally out of the woods when it comes to feeling sick, but every now and then I'll catch a wave of nausea and have to pop one of my pills (which make me gag as well, awesome). I know I'm not very big and with my shirt down, I don't even really show, but I'm feeling very uncomfortable, like I can't bend in the middle. I know it only gets worse from here. I'm sure Nick is ready for me to be done with all my "bellyaching", literally. But so far, all my blood work is great, I'm not anemic thus far (which I usually am in my pregnancies), and shock of shocks, haven't gained any weight. Yee haw! My goal is no more than 10 pounds by 20 weeks. I hope I can hold to that.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kaycee's Wedding

Sorry, this is a long post but I have lots of pictures to share. This weekend I got to go home and see my best friend from high school get married. Kaycee and I were attached at the hip in those days, and although the years have taken us miles apart (mostly on Kaycee's part from all her travels), we still remain lifelong friends, of which I'm so thankful for. Kaycee was in my wedding 9 years ago and now I got to share in her day. She asked me to be the designated hair dresser for her bridesmaids and flower girls. Ah she knows me well and how I love to do that.

Getting ready, Kaycee, me and her younger sister, Karilynn.

Jenny's hair. She had such thick beautiful hair, but thankfully it stayed.

Karilynn's do. We joked about her having an 80's double ponytail (she has a smaller one under the big one because she had too much hair to put in one), and I told her not to judge until she saw the end product. No one could tell.

Nicole's hair, a side messy bun.

Kaycee made a radiant, stunning bride.

Our other high school friend, Jenn, brought her twin girls, Kennedy and Taylor, because Kaycee hadn't met them yet. Kennedy thought Kaycee was a princess.

Jenn and I.

Instead of a big cake we enjoyed yummy cupcakes.

Jenn and her girls signing the guest cards.

The groom, Jon, and his future mother in law, Kay.

Some pretty pictures of Karilynn that I snapped.

Kaycee and her dad, I think trying very hard not to cry.

The wedding was held at Kaycee's parent's home. They have beautiful grounds and a huge home, perfect for an outdoor wedding.

When asked to give the rings, Karilynn pulled a myriad of things out of her pockets.

My favorite picture of Kaycee, so full of joy.

High school friends, back together.