Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kaycee's Wedding

Sorry, this is a long post but I have lots of pictures to share. This weekend I got to go home and see my best friend from high school get married. Kaycee and I were attached at the hip in those days, and although the years have taken us miles apart (mostly on Kaycee's part from all her travels), we still remain lifelong friends, of which I'm so thankful for. Kaycee was in my wedding 9 years ago and now I got to share in her day. She asked me to be the designated hair dresser for her bridesmaids and flower girls. Ah she knows me well and how I love to do that.

Getting ready, Kaycee, me and her younger sister, Karilynn.

Jenny's hair. She had such thick beautiful hair, but thankfully it stayed.

Karilynn's do. We joked about her having an 80's double ponytail (she has a smaller one under the big one because she had too much hair to put in one), and I told her not to judge until she saw the end product. No one could tell.

Nicole's hair, a side messy bun.

Kaycee made a radiant, stunning bride.

Our other high school friend, Jenn, brought her twin girls, Kennedy and Taylor, because Kaycee hadn't met them yet. Kennedy thought Kaycee was a princess.

Jenn and I.

Instead of a big cake we enjoyed yummy cupcakes.

Jenn and her girls signing the guest cards.

The groom, Jon, and his future mother in law, Kay.

Some pretty pictures of Karilynn that I snapped.

Kaycee and her dad, I think trying very hard not to cry.

The wedding was held at Kaycee's parent's home. They have beautiful grounds and a huge home, perfect for an outdoor wedding.

When asked to give the rings, Karilynn pulled a myriad of things out of her pockets.

My favorite picture of Kaycee, so full of joy.

High school friends, back together.


Mama G said...

How fun! And way to go on the hair! It looks awesome! Great pics too!

Kaycee said...

i should have asked you to be my photographer as well! thanks for posting these. i loved having you and jenn there for my big day. can't imagine it any other way.