Saturday, February 28, 2009

We Own One Home!

As many of you know, we purchased home in Gresham, OR about 3 years ago. It was a purchase we should not have made and only lived there 6 months. Four of the those months the house was for sale. We moved back to Vancouver to the house we had that never sold. And thank God it didn't. But over the past 3 years we had people leasing the property but they up and moved out without telling us or paying money owed to us in September of 2008. Since then we've had the house on the market, been trying to communicate with the bank and went through a flood in the basement during the cold snap when a pipe burst.

Well, God has answered our prayers and it is a true miracle that in this market and economy that we SOLD THE HOUSE!!!!! We were able to get approved for a short sale and as of yesterday, we are no longer responsible for that house. We are so blessed and eternally grateful to all our friends who have prayed with us and helped us deal with this whole mess. And for those of you that never saw the home, I thought I'd post a few pictures. Yes, it is a lovely home, but when it's done out of God's will, it's not so lovely! I pray the new owners will be very happy there.

The kitchen

The entryway

Downstairs basement (that flooded), looking into the big screen media room.

Nice big back yard.
Buh Bye!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Just my kids!

My little Ethan boy was sick home from school today. But I just felt like snapping a couple pics of my babies (they hate it when I call them babies). I just love my kids, they're so great. Hmmmm, should I add another? ;)

More redecorating!

We FINALLY painted our master bedroom. It seems to always get done last. So here's some pics of my "safe oasis"...until the junk piles up again! :)

We had started the dark wall but I wanted to get a "before shot". There's usually not this much junk on the bed, it was just all transferred from the floor.

Ahhhh, it's like a spa or bed and breakfast. That's the goal!

The two tone wall makes a nice accent. I love how my bedroom turned out. Yay!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Daddy/Daughter Date!

I had to brag about my hubby. Yesterday he took his little girl out on a "date". Nick is so great about spending special time with the kids one on one. He takes Ethan to Blazer games (when he gets free tickets from work) or golfing, but Reagan doesn't get as much time with her daddy. So yesterday he took her out alone to Chuck E. Cheese. She was sooooo excited. She loves doing things with him. Then they went to mall and got treats at Starbucks. What a great dad my kids have!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Be Ye Thankful!

Amidst the stress in life, I really tend to lose perspective. So I wanted to take some time to really see what I would be missing if the things that cause strain and irritation to me were not a part of my life.

My little "superman" wouldn't come up to me and say, "Look at my muscles, Mom." Or, "Come play baseball with me." I think I can overlook these things making me trip on my kitchen floor.
My nice table full of library books and "drawings" and food everywhere. But then I wouldn't have the little girl coming up to me with her blankie and want to snuggle and have story time with one of those books.

My family room has been taken over by toys galore and messes that I didn't make but am forced to clean. But then I wouldn't have the pleasure of make believe tea parties or playing "baby and mommy" where I'm the mommy. I do that everyday, why would I want to pretend to be mommy? :)

Ah yes, the crushed pretzel beneath my shoe. But I wouldn't get my little boy asking if he could share his pretzels with his sister, is that ok?

The bathroom sink cluttered with numerous toothbrushes, toothpaste (not always in the tube, yuck) and Tylenol. But then I would miss out on, "Mommy, are my teeth all shiny?"

My husband's pile of clothes, not mine, like I don't have enough to do around here. But then I wouldn't have the pleasure of having someone to share my life with who fills those clothes.

Also, his untucked side of the bed!!!!! But then I wouldn't have someone to hold at night, or give me hugs when I'm crying or rub my back!

The plethora of junk invading my "mater suite". It's not so sweet.

And why is there Spackling on the top of the computer desk, next to the nice pile of bills that need to be filed? But then I wouldn't have the roof over my head.
So I COULD have a perfectly clean home, no one demanding of me ALL DAY LONG and time to myself.... but then what would I have? I prefer and am so thankful to God for answering the prayer that I prayed as a little girl: "Please give me a husband that loves You and children so I can be called MOMMY!" There are no other treasures such as that honor.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Koren's Daycare is now Open! :)

Now I am watching my neighbor, Simone's, daughter, Rylee, 3 days a week. She'll be 4 in April so her age is right in between Ethan and Reagan. I just felt I needed to help out with some finances around here. So I've been watching her for 3 weeks now and it's been going very well. I was afraid I would be really stressed out but it's been a lot easier than I thought.

People look at me with compassion when I'm with them because they think I've got twins. :)

Christian Character Award!

Today at school in chapel, Ethan was given the Christian Character Award for having a Joyful Spirit. He was sooooo excited. All his other friends have already gotten it and he kept asking me when it would be his turn and he wanted to make sure I came to chapel when it was his turn. I didn't tell him all week that he was getting it and today I told him I was going to chapel. He was so happy because he knew why I would go to chapel. I'm very proud of my little man and how much he's enjoying school and being with others. Good job, Ethan.

His teacher, Miss Gellert, presenting him with his Award!

Waving to his friends.