Friday, February 6, 2009

Christian Character Award!

Today at school in chapel, Ethan was given the Christian Character Award for having a Joyful Spirit. He was sooooo excited. All his other friends have already gotten it and he kept asking me when it would be his turn and he wanted to make sure I came to chapel when it was his turn. I didn't tell him all week that he was getting it and today I told him I was going to chapel. He was so happy because he knew why I would go to chapel. I'm very proud of my little man and how much he's enjoying school and being with others. Good job, Ethan.

His teacher, Miss Gellert, presenting him with his Award!

Waving to his friends.


the o's said...

koren you look beautiful in that pic of you and reagan and ethan! and congrats to ethers for his award... what a great thing to be awarded for!

Samantha said...

How sweet. You must be very proud of him!