Sunday, February 8, 2009

Be Ye Thankful!

Amidst the stress in life, I really tend to lose perspective. So I wanted to take some time to really see what I would be missing if the things that cause strain and irritation to me were not a part of my life.

My little "superman" wouldn't come up to me and say, "Look at my muscles, Mom." Or, "Come play baseball with me." I think I can overlook these things making me trip on my kitchen floor.
My nice table full of library books and "drawings" and food everywhere. But then I wouldn't have the little girl coming up to me with her blankie and want to snuggle and have story time with one of those books.

My family room has been taken over by toys galore and messes that I didn't make but am forced to clean. But then I wouldn't have the pleasure of make believe tea parties or playing "baby and mommy" where I'm the mommy. I do that everyday, why would I want to pretend to be mommy? :)

Ah yes, the crushed pretzel beneath my shoe. But I wouldn't get my little boy asking if he could share his pretzels with his sister, is that ok?

The bathroom sink cluttered with numerous toothbrushes, toothpaste (not always in the tube, yuck) and Tylenol. But then I would miss out on, "Mommy, are my teeth all shiny?"

My husband's pile of clothes, not mine, like I don't have enough to do around here. But then I wouldn't have the pleasure of having someone to share my life with who fills those clothes.

Also, his untucked side of the bed!!!!! But then I wouldn't have someone to hold at night, or give me hugs when I'm crying or rub my back!

The plethora of junk invading my "mater suite". It's not so sweet.

And why is there Spackling on the top of the computer desk, next to the nice pile of bills that need to be filed? But then I wouldn't have the roof over my head.
So I COULD have a perfectly clean home, no one demanding of me ALL DAY LONG and time to myself.... but then what would I have? I prefer and am so thankful to God for answering the prayer that I prayed as a little girl: "Please give me a husband that loves You and children so I can be called MOMMY!" There are no other treasures such as that honor.


Chris Steele said...

That was an awesome post...and I definitely needed to be reminded! Thanks.

Mama G said...

Awww...thanks for the reminder...somedays I too forget that I wouldn't trade the craziness, messy house and dirty husband for anything in the world. Great post!

the o's said...

i love this post, koren! great perspective and you are a very lucky girl w/ a great husband and beautiful kids! :)

Sarah said...

That is great Koren. I am glad you able to have such a good perspective on life. Remember the important things. I love that you are willing to take pictures of messes in your house.

Trayc said...

I love this! Your love for your family and for God is such a blessing! *SO* thankful for you....