Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Party: Looking Fabulous!

We just had our MOMS Leadership Christmas party from church. It was so much fun. I got a new shirt and I love it, it showed off my shoulders nicely. :) I've met some amazing new friends that I'm sure I will cherish forever. I'm very thankful and blessed to be a part of this ministry at church. Thank you, God, for giving me the courage and confidence to do it.

Looking sassy with Renee.

Me with Brandee, Gretchen and Renee. They're awesome, love you guys.

Nick and I in a halfway decent looking pic.
My good friend, Trisha, and I! Gretchen and I again! Hey, I looked hot that night, gotta take advantage of the photo opp. :)

Friday, December 14, 2007


So I just wanted to share some picture snipets that show an snapshot of my life. Enjoy!
Ethan at about 6 months old, one of my favorites of him!

My sister Shonda and I at her bridal shower, May 2004 and Ethan and I at her wedding, July 16, 2004.
One of my best friends, Erin, and I on a little time away at Cannon Beach, OR. We worked there together the summer before I got married. What a summer to remember, so much fun!
Nick and I with some much needed R&R after Shonda's wedding at the Semiahmoo Resort near Bellingham, WA. Ahhhh, the silence!
A little trip to Maui never hurt anyone. Try trekking an eighteen month old on the plane, yep, not so much fun! But we made it work. Spring of 2005!

So I worked REALLY hard to lose the 42 pounds of baby weight (that's a good year and a half) and lo and behold....

BAM, got preggers AGAIN!!!!!!!!
About 4 months along here!

So along with that comes the baby shower (here with my Grandma Elayne, my mom Lynette and my sis).
Here I am the very morning of Reagan's birth, November 15, 2005. Ugh, I'm absolutely huge and needing to get this baby out!

And 7 1/2 hours and 3 pushes later, she's here. No sweat! :)

Just had her little ears pierced at 5 months old. She was a little trooper!

Fun with Daddy at the beach, summer 2006.

My angels!

One of my very best friends Tabi. Visiting them in Nowhere'sville (Lake Isabella, CA). :) I know you hate pics of yourself girl, but I don't care.

Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Nettie with the kids at the Oregon Zoo.

Reagan asleep in her high chair. Life's rough when you're 1!

I call this look "Up to no good!" And I guess they're so hungry they've taken to eating the furniture. Oh, well. :)

These are some of my favorite pics of Ethan and I. He's such a sweet boy! Not to brag or anything!

These are MY Reese's!
Chocolate Faces!

Baby in a backpack, ALWAYS a good idea!

A much needed break. Nothing says cruise like coctails in a pineapple!

Wow, looks pretty awful!

My little golfer!

This is such a precious picture of Reag's. Her poor little ear has an owie on it too.
Ethan's first day of school. Reagan is of course looking adoringly at him. He's such her hero!

Reagan at the petting farm at the pumpkin patch!

Multnomah Bible College Alumni Sports Day! I played volleyball in college and must say was quite good, still am, thank you very much. I miss playing alot!

This what happens when Dad is in charge of bathtime!
Just Reading!
Thanks for looking. Hope you enjoyed it!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dooney & Bourke

Ok, so I'm not quite Sara Jessica Parker with shoes and purses. But, OH MY GOODNESS! I just got a Dooney and Bourke bucket purse and I LOVE it. But get this people, I got it for FREE! Yes, I'm bragging because I rarely get stellar deals like this.

So here's the story. Nick works in finance at a Toyota dealership and they get certain incentives from the Toyota company. So this one was a points system and then you get to choose from a whole bunch of different merchandise based on the amount of points you get. Well, he can never decide what to get for himself, not that he needs anything, so I assert myself and choose something for me.

So these purses are something I'd lust after in Nordstrom but would never actually pay for. But here's the perfect opportunity. But when I got it it was SOOOOO much cuter than the picture was. Thank you Nick, thank you Dooney and Bourke, love my purse. Kisses!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wow, how did I get here? Here's a little about me. My husband, Nick, and I have been married for 7 1/2 years, together for 9 (that's quite a record for me). We have two awesome kids. Ethan is 4 years old and is definitately a sports buff, and quite talented I must say, but hey, I'm just his mom, what do I know? Reagan is 2 and one of the funniest people I've ever met. She's not a diva but what they say is true, girls are high maintenence.

I love my life. Well, there's a love hate thing going on. Mama needs a break. Being a mom is WAAAY harder than I ever dreamed. Kind of like the babysitting job that never ends and you don't get paid and then go on your way to spend what you earned. Not so much. But I wouldn't change it for the world either.

So onto other stuff. Ethan started PreK this year and is loving it. I'm very proud of him. He went in not even really knowing how to spell his name and now he can recognize letters all over the place. Good job, Buddy! It's fun to go and observe class and be reassured that your kid is NOT the worst in the class, phew!

Reagan is a chatter box and loves her "brudder". She's kind of a tomboy but she's getting into girly things too. What a joy and dork she is all at the same time.

The latest is that Nick and I are in "talks" about expanding the fam. SCARY! We were so sure we were done, but maybe God has other plans. So here's my main concerns, selfish as they are: Do I want to go another two years without adequate rest? and Do I really want to go another round of giving up my body to the powers that be for another couple years? This girl gets big!!! So those are some burning questions. :)