Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dooney & Bourke

Ok, so I'm not quite Sara Jessica Parker with shoes and purses. But, OH MY GOODNESS! I just got a Dooney and Bourke bucket purse and I LOVE it. But get this people, I got it for FREE! Yes, I'm bragging because I rarely get stellar deals like this.

So here's the story. Nick works in finance at a Toyota dealership and they get certain incentives from the Toyota company. So this one was a points system and then you get to choose from a whole bunch of different merchandise based on the amount of points you get. Well, he can never decide what to get for himself, not that he needs anything, so I assert myself and choose something for me.

So these purses are something I'd lust after in Nordstrom but would never actually pay for. But here's the perfect opportunity. But when I got it it was SOOOOO much cuter than the picture was. Thank you Nick, thank you Dooney and Bourke, love my purse. Kisses!!!

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Jessica said...

Love the pics! You've got a good lookin' fam!