Monday, November 7, 2011

Beautiful Fall Day

I tend to not have my camera on me as much as I should because it can be so big and cumbersome.  But the other day I had to meet a client at the park for a quick head shot shoot, so I had it on me.  The sunlight was just gorgeous and luckily, Jordan was in a good mood so I took the opportunity to snap some shots my babies.

Reagan is such a good, mature big sister.  She is so helpful, both around the house and with Jordan,who, at 20 months is VERY busy~slash~BRATTY!!!! She has so much more of a strong willed personality than my other two did, complete with tantrums, screaming and kicking!  What's a mom to do? Just laugh at it and march her out of the store with a look on your face that says, yep, I know what you're ALL thinking... :)  I think a lot of it is that she's trying to be more independent and with that comes more messes than I wish to clean and more chasing than I want to do.  But when I give her the length of the leash, she truly is more sweet mannered.  Time for mama to let the little birdie go!

Here's another thing we have to work on, getting rid of the pacifier.  All of my kids were paci babies and I successfully broke them  of it, and it's just harder on me than them.  This was her face after I took it away so it wouldn't be in her mouth for all the photos. :)

Reagan, my compliant child.  She loves the camera, is always ready when I'm like, Reags, over here, mama wants to take your picture. :)

Jordan REALLY loves Reagan.  When she comes home from school Jordan runs up to her, arms open and shouts, "Reagan!!!!"  It's the cutest thing.  And she lifts her up, even though Jordan's about 3/4 as tall as her.  I hope they stay close forever.

That face is TOO funny.  She's like, I'm coming to get ya!

It is VERY rare that I can get a photo of all three kids and I'm so happy I stopped in our neighborhood right before getting home to snap this.  The sun was amazing and Jordan actually stayed in one spot.  She loves her older brother and sister...probably more than me, but I'm ok with that.

When she gives kisses now she says "Mmmmmmmmwuah!!!" It's adorable.

Trick or Treat~Another Halloween Come and Gone

Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, but I do it for the kids.  They love to dress up and go around trick or treating, what kid doesn't right?  Try as I might to get them to be more creative with their costumes, it's all in vain, especially with Ethan.  He is still enamored with anything Star Wars related, so this year he had to be a Clone Trooper (I don't even really know what those are). :) Reagan chose to be a "Funky Mod" girl, at least that was the title on the costume.  And Jordan? Well, she was the costume that was warm and on sale at the Children's Place. :) Woo hoo, I'm so not creative mom of the year, that's for sure.

I love that Reagan lets me make her up all pretty still, I hope that lasts a while longer.

And this was all I could get of our pink kitty!

Fall has come...and gone

And once again...I'm behind on blogging. :) I enjoy being busy but lately it'd be nice to have a pajama day where I have no where I have to be.  Yay, today is that day.  So time to do a little updating.

At the end of August, I bought a new camera body for my photography business.  I LOVE it it.  I instantly noticed I was getting crisper images and better color.  And I got a smokin' deal on it too, being gently used.  Of course I needed to test it right away on my favorite model.  Reagan is always ready and willing and such a photogenic little thing.  The other two kiddos don't comply as well when it comes to sitting still for some test shots. :)

 Then the school year started up again.  Mr. Ethan is now a 3rd grader.  How did that happen.  He is doing so well in school, both academically and socially.  I love hearing from his teachers that he is kind to others, a trustworthy student, and eager to learn even if he gets frustrated.  He tends to befriend those that may not make friends as easily.  I love his sweet, gentle spirit, we need more "men" like that.

 And our little Reagan girl is a big Kindergartener.  She came into the school year already knowing how to read, write, know shapes, colors, sounds and even had the privilege of reading a book to her class.  That was big.  She's my mellow child, so compliant and probably the best big sister to Jordan EVER.  I rely on her so much, much more than Ethan.  It's a boy thing... :)  She is sweet and calm, but has a feisty streak too.  She won't let people push her around but she's also very kind and on the quiet side.

And I'll cover Miss Jordan in my next post... :)