Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall has come...and gone

And once again...I'm behind on blogging. :) I enjoy being busy but lately it'd be nice to have a pajama day where I have no where I have to be.  Yay, today is that day.  So time to do a little updating.

At the end of August, I bought a new camera body for my photography business.  I LOVE it it.  I instantly noticed I was getting crisper images and better color.  And I got a smokin' deal on it too, being gently used.  Of course I needed to test it right away on my favorite model.  Reagan is always ready and willing and such a photogenic little thing.  The other two kiddos don't comply as well when it comes to sitting still for some test shots. :)

 Then the school year started up again.  Mr. Ethan is now a 3rd grader.  How did that happen.  He is doing so well in school, both academically and socially.  I love hearing from his teachers that he is kind to others, a trustworthy student, and eager to learn even if he gets frustrated.  He tends to befriend those that may not make friends as easily.  I love his sweet, gentle spirit, we need more "men" like that.

 And our little Reagan girl is a big Kindergartener.  She came into the school year already knowing how to read, write, know shapes, colors, sounds and even had the privilege of reading a book to her class.  That was big.  She's my mellow child, so compliant and probably the best big sister to Jordan EVER.  I rely on her so much, much more than Ethan.  It's a boy thing... :)  She is sweet and calm, but has a feisty streak too.  She won't let people push her around but she's also very kind and on the quiet side.

And I'll cover Miss Jordan in my next post... :)

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