Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beach fun!

We finally got our first trip to Cannon Beach this year. Sorry for the picture overload but it was a glorious day. I have a special affection for this little seaside town that compares to no other. It's quaint, it's quiet, it rarely changes, it's a little gem that people overlook and I'm glad they do because that means more space for me. :)

We loaded EVERYONE up (including Rylee, the girl I watch, and Jill). Everyone did great and enjoyed to wondrous day in God's creation.

Jill and I took a little jog to the water's edge where she met the Pacific Ocean for the first time and loved it. That's my girl. :)

Jill found her spot in the car between our seats. Pretty soon she'll be too big to do that.

Reagan took a little catnap on the drive.

The kids digging away.

Beautiful Jill scoping things out. We get more attention walking her around than we ever got carting our babies about. Just get yourself a pretty puppy and you'll be very popular. :)

Nick had to bury the kids in the sand.

Just a few cutie pics of my girl. I love this one of her jumping up and down.

In the town of Cannon Beach. Making my way to my favorite coffee shop...

...Bella Espresso. Had to get a java boost before we headed back. I could spend all day there sipping coffee and reading or chatting with a good friend. Great memories in this place.

Jill and I at the park.
Thank you God for making such a fabulous place for us to enjoy and see your creativity. I couldn't have done it better myself. Be back soon...

Monday, April 20, 2009

A day out with my kids

Yesterday was a simply gorgeous day here in the Pacific Northwest, so I decided to do a little adventuring with my kids. My friend Simone, and her daughter Rylee, also joined us. I wanted to go back to the house where part of the movie "Twilight" was filmed. Our friends had also been married there the same summer we got married but the house was for sale at the time so Nick and I helped with yard cleanup quite alot.

The location is now called the View Point Inn. They have 3 rooms for rent and it's also a resturant. It's so charming and beautiful, I may have to drag Nick there for a romantic evening.

Over looking the Columbia River Gorge. Stunning!

The front of the Inn.

Here's something fun. They kept the archway that Bella and Edward get their picture take under for prom in the movie in the front yard of the inn. Where's my Edward cardboard cutout? :)

There's a hot car. Is Edward driving?
Then we went around the corner to historical Crown Point.

The kids at the top.
Another gorgeous view.

My babies and I.

Then it was off to the last event: ice cream at BaskinRobbins. They were VERY excited about it.

Here's my cone! Wow, that is big.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Playing with my Brother!

Yesterday, Jill's brother, Marley, came over to "play". It was so fun to watch them go at it. Jill seems to think she's pretty tough so it was good for her to meet her match. They got so incredibly tired and worn out. It was great, she slept so well that night. And great for us because Marley's parents are great friends of ours so we got to visit with them as well. They own Jack, Jill and Marley's dad, as well, but he didn't get to come play. That would have been interesting.

That picture makes my dog look psycho.

Here's Marley, completely exhausted, getting a much needed drink of water. Jill was kind enough to share her dish.

Aren't they gorgeous? Marley is lighter in color with one blue eye and one brown eye. Jill resembles their daddy, Jack. They're so cute. There will be many more "playdates" to come. :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Finally Spring has sprung...somewhat. We still have our cold days, but there have been rays of sunlight teasing us here and there. I wish it would stay around a little more though. We've been busy with things so here's some pictures of what we've been up to.

Reagan helped me make brownies so I let her lick some batter. Of course, that's the best part.
Decorating Easter eggs.

the finished product. who want's some egg salad.

Reagan in her new Easter dress.

Dressed in Sunday best, although Ethan looks a bit rumply here. Oh well, that's a boy for ya!

Easter treats from Mom and Dad, chocolate bunnies on a stick.

Our own Easter egg hunt in the back yard.

Reagan's stash.

Ethan's now in coach pitch baseball and really enjoying it. His team is the Cardinals and we're there cheering him on, whether it's rain or shine (but mostly cloudy).

Here he got to play first base, down and ready.

Warming up catching.

Up to bat, his team was cheering him on.

Focused and determined. He's actually a really good batter. Out of all 3 games he's had so far he's only struck out once. Dad is proud.

Reagan and I cheering him on, note the St. Louis Cardinal's hat that Nick had to get.

Thanks for letting us share what's been going on with us lately. :) Come on Spring, we're ready for you!!!!