Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Finally Spring has sprung...somewhat. We still have our cold days, but there have been rays of sunlight teasing us here and there. I wish it would stay around a little more though. We've been busy with things so here's some pictures of what we've been up to.

Reagan helped me make brownies so I let her lick some batter. Of course, that's the best part.
Decorating Easter eggs.

the finished product. who want's some egg salad.

Reagan in her new Easter dress.

Dressed in Sunday best, although Ethan looks a bit rumply here. Oh well, that's a boy for ya!

Easter treats from Mom and Dad, chocolate bunnies on a stick.

Our own Easter egg hunt in the back yard.

Reagan's stash.

Ethan's now in coach pitch baseball and really enjoying it. His team is the Cardinals and we're there cheering him on, whether it's rain or shine (but mostly cloudy).

Here he got to play first base, down and ready.

Warming up catching.

Up to bat, his team was cheering him on.

Focused and determined. He's actually a really good batter. Out of all 3 games he's had so far he's only struck out once. Dad is proud.

Reagan and I cheering him on, note the St. Louis Cardinal's hat that Nick had to get.

Thanks for letting us share what's been going on with us lately. :) Come on Spring, we're ready for you!!!!

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Mama G said...

Love that you are sporting the Cardinals hat!

Cute pics!