Monday, April 20, 2009

A day out with my kids

Yesterday was a simply gorgeous day here in the Pacific Northwest, so I decided to do a little adventuring with my kids. My friend Simone, and her daughter Rylee, also joined us. I wanted to go back to the house where part of the movie "Twilight" was filmed. Our friends had also been married there the same summer we got married but the house was for sale at the time so Nick and I helped with yard cleanup quite alot.

The location is now called the View Point Inn. They have 3 rooms for rent and it's also a resturant. It's so charming and beautiful, I may have to drag Nick there for a romantic evening.

Over looking the Columbia River Gorge. Stunning!

The front of the Inn.

Here's something fun. They kept the archway that Bella and Edward get their picture take under for prom in the movie in the front yard of the inn. Where's my Edward cardboard cutout? :)

There's a hot car. Is Edward driving?
Then we went around the corner to historical Crown Point.

The kids at the top.
Another gorgeous view.

My babies and I.

Then it was off to the last event: ice cream at BaskinRobbins. They were VERY excited about it.

Here's my cone! Wow, that is big.


the o's said...

looks like fun koren! although i must admit, the icecream looks like the best part :) hope to see you guys soon!

The Hogue's said...

Sounds like a fun filled day out with your babies, when you gonna start on that next baby of yours?