Friday, February 27, 2009

More redecorating!

We FINALLY painted our master bedroom. It seems to always get done last. So here's some pics of my "safe oasis"...until the junk piles up again! :)

We had started the dark wall but I wanted to get a "before shot". There's usually not this much junk on the bed, it was just all transferred from the floor.

Ahhhh, it's like a spa or bed and breakfast. That's the goal!

The two tone wall makes a nice accent. I love how my bedroom turned out. Yay!


the o's said...

koren, your master bdrm looks awesome! i need to come over and take a nap :)

Samantha said...

Love it! I was inspired by your talk at moms (BTW you did great!) and organized my pantry-I love it now. I may just lock myself in there on days when the kids are crabby! =)