Friday, August 14, 2009

Ethan turns 6!

Our little man is not so little anymore. Ethan turned 6 on August 12th. We took him out for a special breakfast at IHOP, where he got his breakfast for free. Then we came home and he got his gift, new golf clubs. He LOVES to play and is very good. He's also left handed when he plays sports (but not when he writes or eats, who knew?) so finding clubs wasn't easy. Nick took the kids to the Clark County Fair for the afternoon so I could rest, and we ended the day with a yummy ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

Surprise! He was so excited.

Reagan got in on the fun too, pink practice balls.

Ethan on his 1st birthday with Grandpa Jeff (their birthdays are 2 days apart). My, how he's grown.

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the o's said...

happy bday ethers!!!! what a special day that was 6 yrs ago when you came into the world. sounds like a great day!