Monday, August 24, 2009

Pamper me Pretty

Last night I got to be a part of a really fun party. My friend Yarra's mom, Anita, is an exclusive shopper at Nordstrom. The store threw a party for her and a few friends and Yarra invited me to come. We got to enjoy catered food, makeovers from the makeup department and $200 to spend on whatever we wanted. Wow! It was so fun. And this was all after the store was closed so we had the entire store to ourselves. So here's some pictures of our night.

Our food spread, we enjoyed prawns, salmon, exotic cheeses, veggies and sparkling juices. So good. And since there were only 6 of us we got quite full.
Yarra at the Chanel counter, ready for her makeover.

My "before" shot, a little scary.

My "after" shot. Sooooo much better.

I got my makeup done by Sasha at the MAC counter. She was so fun and did a great job. I wanted her to do something different than I would normally do and it turned out so pretty.

All made up.

Shopping in the shoe department made us happy. I got new shoes and the lipstick and lipgloss Sasha used on me. Yah $200 doesn't go far in Nordstrom but I'm not complaining. It was fun to get stuff I wouldn't normally spend my own money on.

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