Monday, November 17, 2008

And Now My Baby is 3!

Reagan turned three on November 15th. She's such a big girl now. Here's a few highlights from her special day!

She HAD to have a pink cake. I think I succeeded. I was pretty proud of myself, I mad this heart cake for her and she loved it!
We hid her presents in the family room and she had to find them.

One of her favorite gifts, "Pretty Lip" (lip gloss).

Another special gift, nailpolish. Daddy's so nice to put it on for her.

At breakfast with my big girl!

Breakfast at Shari's (IHOP was too crowded). Also her birthday Barbie. And her face pancakes, Yummmm!

Blowing out the three candles.

Yay! I'm three!
Thank you all for the sweet cards and well wishes. You made our big girl feel so loved.

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Mama G said...

Wow I can't believe she is three! Looks like she had an extra special birthday (I love the pic of daddy putting on the nail polish), and good job on the cake!