Monday, November 17, 2008

Ethan Nicholas

Reagan was tagged for this by my friend, so I thought I'd do Ethan Boy as well:

Name/Meaning: Ethan Nicholas, Ethan means "solid, enduring", Nicholas means "victory of the people"
Age: 5 years, 4 months
Nicknames: Ether's, Buddy, Ethan Boy
Favorite Activities: playing with Dad, playing sports, the Wii, friends, school
Favorite Music: anything he can sing along to
Favorite Toys: Power Rangers, Legos, sports equipment
What makes him happy: playing with Dad, special date days with each of us, getting praise, playing board games, helping bake
What makes him sad: when he doesn't get his way, when his feelings are hurt (he's our gentle spirit), when people don't understand what he's trying to say

Now, we tag: Seth (Gretchen), Wesley (Erin), Isaac (Shannon), "Little Man" :) (Mia)

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Mama G said...

I totally meant to tag Ethan for this too...I had it on there and somehow it was deleted. I'm glad you did it anyway. I love how you do them as babies and then a picture of them now...good idea! We were so late getting a digital camera I don't have any of Gracie as a baby on my computer...i'll have to scan some one of these days.