Sunday, July 13, 2008

Trip to CA: Jet skiing!

On our second day there, we went jet skiing on Lake Isabella. It's beautiful and hardly anyone there so you can zoom around all you want. And the weather is so warm, just perfect. Tim and Tabi know the man who owns the marina so we got to use 3 of the skis for free and just pay for fuel, what a steal, let me tell you.
Tori and Taegan enjoying a little swim.

Ethan having a great time too.

Reagan sitting in our camp shade, having a snack.

Tim and Tori coming in from a ride.
Thanks guys, we had so much fun. Wish you lived closer. Hope you all enjoyed my little diary of our trip. We had a great time but it's always nice to come home. :)


Jon & Chris said...

That looks like a GREAT vacation! I'm slightly jealous. Hey, let's get together again soon--maybe with Jessica, too. Meet at a park or something. Do you have zoo passes?

Jessica said...

I agree with Chris--super fun. I wish I was on that lake RIGHT NOW!!! LOL. It looks like it was great for the whole fam. You're all a good lookin' bunch!

Mama G said...

What fun you guys had...isn't it great to get away and relax!