Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trip to CA: Our friends!

We met Tim and Tabi here in Vancouver. They used to be our neighbors up the street. They were our "couple": the girls AND the guys got along. At that time we didn't have any kids but they already had three. Tabi and I were pregnant together in 2003 (me with Ethan and her with Taegan) so that was fun to share. We were so sad when they moved three years ago and this is our third trip to see them and they're wonderful family. We love you guys.

Here's Tylee (kid #3) being silly. She was only a year old when we first met her. Now she's 7.

Toni and I, she's of course not cooperating, that's a 13 year old for ya!

A decent pic of Tabi and I. Nothing was satisfying that girl. Of course, I'm slouching, but what else is new. :)

Again, misbehaving. I gotta keep that girl in line.

Taegan, their youngest, with their 4 month old puppy Great Dane, Biggen. He was such a good dog. Reagan LOVED him.

Toni was taking our picture and just NOT following our directions. :)

The clan from left to right: Tylee (7), Tori (10), naked Reagan, Toni (13), Ethan and Taegan (4 1/2).

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Jenny-Nae said...

Is it just me or is that pic of the kids a typical one for Reags? Running around with her shirt off!