Thursday, May 29, 2008

Reagan's Injury!

So for Memorial Day Reagan and I spent some time in the ER. She and Ethan were playing outside and he swung his golf club and hit her in the eye. When I first saw it all bloody, I thought it was coming from her eyeball. Thank goodness it was just a cut right above it. She had to have two stitches and was such a brave little thing. But talk about giving you a heart attack! This is why moms get gray hairs (which by the way I'm having colored next week, yessssss!).

This was the morning after and she's very puffy, but in good spirits! :)

This is today, 3 days later, starting to get black and blue, but not so puffy.

The red is just scabbing and dry blood from the injury, and we don't want to scrub it off and open the wound, so it's just a beauty mark for now. She likes looking at her owie in the mirror!


nikki said...

Ouch!!! I'm so glad it didn't hit her right on the eye! Oh, isn't it so hard to see our little ones get hurt like that? I'm glad she's ok!

Mama G said...

Oh...poor thing, I see her smiling so that's good. Very glad it didn't get her eye. I hope it's healing up good.