Monday, August 25, 2008

Build-A-Bear Birthday Party!

Amy, my friend Anna's daughter, had her 5th birthday at Build-A-Bear yesterday. It was really fun for the kids, they got to pick out a bear and an outfit and sing some songs. I wanted to make my own too. Maybe I'll have my 30th birthday party there....:)

Singing a song to get the party started! The birthday girl is the little one in purple.

Natalie, Anna's eldest, really got into the cheer.

Anna and I. I'm still tired from the Portland to Coast event, ugh!

Yarra (from my horseback riding adventure) and baby Nolan.

Yarra's daughter Ava and Reagan.

Amy's bear, Dumplin'.

Reagan "washing" her bear, Bubble Gum.

Crazy kid shot. You can't really tell but Ethan dressed his bear up in a Batman costume, of course. I tried to talk him out of it, but it actually turned out really cute.

Reagan and her silly face.


Jon & Chris said...

So, Reagan's silly face...I think I've seen you make that same face!

the o's said...

so cute! looks like they really enjoyed themselves :)