Saturday, July 18, 2009

Soccer Players

Both of the kids are in soccer this summer. We wanted to get Reagan into some sports since she's watched and supported her brother for the past couple years. They're both doing so well. It's fun to watch your kids enjoying themselves.
Reagan's not quite as competitive as Ethan is. She mostly trots after her teammates. But in this game she did score two goals (at this age level they don't have goalies). She's so proud of herself being on her team, the Orange Popsicles (my idea, BTW).

Here's Mr. Ethan hustling along to get the ball. What a difference one year makes. He played soccer a year ago and had fun but didn't really get the ball control or just to keep going to the goal once he had the ball. Not so anymore. In this game he scored 4 goals! He's running hard, carrying the ball, handling it well and following through. I'm very impressed with how well he's doing. Go Grey Wolves!

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