Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Day

It was such a pretty day today. I realized I haven't gotten the camera out in a while and decided to get some creative juices flowing. I LOVE the fall, it's my favorite season, with the cooler weather and the beautiful colors. And my favorite subjects of all, my kids! These were just some shots I snapped in the back yard. Ethan was at school when I did Reagan, so when he got home, he wanted me to take some of him as well.

I love this shot of Reagan, twirling around! It's so carefree.

Brother and Sister. Isn't that adorable?


the o's said...

so cute! can't believe they will have a little sis to run around with soon!

jsknowlton said...

Very good, sis! You need to think about photography. Janine has started. Ask her about it. You would be GREAT!!!!