Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blessings from the Beach...

What a year it has been.  I'm so honored and blessed to be a part of our MOMS (Moms Offering Moms Support) group at the church I attend.  It's such an awesome ministry that so many women have been touched by.  You can come as you are and know that someone in the room can relate to you because we are ALL MOMS! :)  The group of women I work with are so phenomenal, have the biggest hearts and I count them among my closest friends.  God knew what He was doing when I walked in those doors many years ago, scared out of mind, feeling completely out of place and knowing no one!

We have a large leadership team, comprising of our table leaders that are the front lines and right there being with our attendees every week, and our PACED team that plans and gets the MOMS program prepared throughout the year.  The PACED team as a whole has many meetings but we never have a time to recreate and just bond.  At the end of the year, we say goodbye to those leaving our team and welcome in those joining it.  We retreat to the beach in Lincoln City and have a relaxing weekend of fellowship and fun, renewing our energy and souls as we end a year and start a fresh new one.  So many times in the Bible, I see that after His ministry, Jesus retreats to a quiet place to replenish His soul, to be away from the crowds (although they always seem to find Him. :))  This was our retreat away after a long year of ministry, to come back refreshed and remember why we are here, serving God by serving others!  Let's make it another great year ladies.

Warning!!!! This post contains a lot of photos, LOVE these gals! :)

Heather and Dawn, part of the Caring team!

So many lovelies.  That was quite the hike down some stairs to get to the beach!
I think I've met my match with Kristina (center) with always being at the ready to "pose" for the camera! :)

One of my besties, Kat (who, grrrrr, decided to try to be camera shy this weekend, but I snuck some in).  She's decided her time at MOMS is ended, sad for me and SO many others!
Ronda and Angela getting...close! :)
Dawn, love this gal.  One of my biggest "promoters" when it comes to my photography business.  She's always talking me up! Haha!
Haha!  Work it, work it! :)  Donna, Erica and Lori!

A chase down the beach, training for your half marathon, Ronda?
Another of my fave people, and someone I share my passion for photography with, Heather! 

Kat's going all Hollywood on us! :)

I love that Dawn is always the willing model.  We wanted to practice a little with the sunset and I HATE shooting landscape, it just doesn't DO anything for me.  So Dawn is always saying, Just tell me how to pose...:) Will do!

Haha, got Heather in there too!  That's rare. :)

And Heather took a few of me!
Trying to be...something...don't really know what! :)

Self shot, had to sprint to get in there!

The second day we had some down time and got to do a little shopping.  Heather also loves to do makeup and I got to play with people's hair with my straightener.  It felt like a big slumber party.  So we did a few "head shots" while everyone was all prettied up!

Ronda in her new outfit.  FINALLY she got it! :) (she knows what I mean)
The ever photogenic Miss Angela
Gonna LOVE working with this girl next year, Allison!  We totally speak sarcasm. :)
The luscious Donna!  I wish I had pulled back to capture the most gorgeous curls she has, I'm so jealous!
Lovely Amber, she is a delightful soul! :)
Miss Kristina, she's spicy! :)))
Miss Terra, another photogenic beauty!
My sweet Lori, love this girl! :)
We wanted to enjoy another walk on the beach and the weather was just heavenly, not too chilly and windy like the night before!  So much fun, I miss going to the beach!

Poor Lori, she fell on the rocks, TWICE, and still kept smiling! :)

It's become a tradition (hmmm...did I start that?) to do a fun jumping shot!  It took a couple tries, but they're always so fun!  Thanks Kat for taking the shot although it would have been even more fun with you in it!

And there ends another wonderful weekend with some pretty amazing people!  We love each other, we love our Lord and we love spending time in His Creation and hope that we can portray His love to those around us!  Blessings from the Beach!

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How fun! So happy that you have that group of friends!