Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ethan Graduates Kindergarten!

Our little guy has finally graduated...Kindergarten. Here's a recap of Ethan's last days at Cornerstone Christian School.

Ethan's last day of school they had a Hawaiian Hula Party! His swimming trunks were as close to Hawaiian that we got.
Ethan and one of his friends, Luke.

His teacher, Miss Gellert!

Ethan and Caleb, best friends!

Now don't they make this same face when they graduate from high school too?

Grandma Nettie, Grandpa Jeff, Auntie Shonda and Cousin Shrade all made it for the big day!

Class of 2009!

I know what you're's a lion CAKE!

The school gave each child a Bible as a graduation gift!

Proud Parents indeed!


jsknowlton said...

That was fun. I'm glad I could come. Congrats to Ethan! Like I said, don't blink, he'll graduate from high school before you know it!

The Hogue's said...

Way to go Ethan, its too bad you and Taegan couldnt have graduated together.

Kaycee said...

oh my goodness, let the graduations begin. way to raise a good kid, proud parents. :)