Friday, June 19, 2009

Mini Vacay!

We took our first little vacation of the summer guessed it... Cannon Beach, OR. It's simply our favorite little place ever and so close that it makes a great little getaway for us. Here's some highlights from our trip.

Always smart to start our trip with Chai!
The kids wanted to spend some of their hard earned money at "donut world" (aka: Krispy Kreme).

So here's a little side note. Nick said he wanted to drop by The Shane Co. on our way out of town because we'd been discussing getting me a new wedding set. We went in talked with a lady that he'd been working with on the phone. They pulled the wedding band they'd discussed and then let me look for the engagement ring part. After looking the woman comes back out with a wrapped gift box and has Nick gives it to me. The wedding band part was already paid for and he gave it to me as a surprise gift for our anniversary next week. The diamond ring we put on a 12 month layaway for next year, our 10 year anniversary. I'm always telling Nick that I love being surprised and I guess this time he listened. This picture isn't very good but you can get the idea. There's no center stone in the middle yet but it'll be a round stone.

Our hotel, the Inn at Cannon Beach.

I love, love, LOVE this pic I took of Reagan. They had these beautiful garden trellises that she and I called the "princess arches".

Nick giving Jill some exercise near Haystack Rock.

She has such a cute little bumm.

A semi good family picture.

I'm trying to eat Ethan's cookie.

My hair had seen better days since it'd been blown in the wind on the beach. :)

There was alot of bed jumping going on. My sister and I always used to do this when we were kids and we'd stay in motels. It's half the fun.

We had a great time as always. Until next time...


Samantha said...

How fun!! I love your new ring-what a thoughtful hubby. I too am really looking forward to getting to know you more. We should all get together some time soon and talk about the upcoming year.

PS your pics are amazing!

the o's said...

love the pics and WOW about the ring! nice job nick! glad it was such a fun vacay. looking forward to seeing you and your kids this week!

Kaycee said...

love the pics...and the ring. good work, nick. :)