Sunday, June 27, 2010

Anniversary Trip

On June 24th, Nick and I celebrated our 10 year Anniversary. We took a little trip up to my parent's house in Oak Harbor, Wa, where we dropped Ethan and Reagan off. Then Nick, Jordan and I traveled even further north to Birch Bay to stay at the Semiahmoo Resort for a couple days. Up until then, summer had NOT arrived in the PNW. But it decided to show up for us. What a wonderful, relaxing and pleasant time we had taking it easy and going at a slower pace.After a couple days we went back to mom and dad's house to hang with them before going back home. We went to our favorite beaches and parks. The kids love it up there with all the fresh air and things to do on the island.

Along the way, miss Jordan got her ears pierced. She was NOT happy about it. But they turned out so sweet so hopefully she'll think it was worth it in the end.

10 Years Later, here's where we are. It's amazing how that length of time flashes by. We love our family, our life and our God.


Mama G said...

And look at all you've accomplished in 10 years!!! You should be proud! Wow, I miss this beach, it looks like the two of you (and your chaperone) has a good time. Congrats!

Shonda said...

I gave you a Sunshine blog award: