Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blown Away by a Busy Summer! little venture into branching out in my photography has completely snowballed into this busy work schedule I never even dreamed would happen. It started out trying to expand what little portfolio I had by doing photo shoots for free for my friends so that I could experience working with different types of people outside of my family. And from there it has just grown, word of mouth, FB has been a great source of free advertising. But referrals are the biggest compliment to me, not only did they like the work I did but they enjoyed their experience with me as well. My entire summer I have been booked solid. The only times I've taken a "break" I was traveling out of town. And I'm still booking jobs well into October, even November. I can't thank my wonderful friends and family for letting me "practice" on them, for spreading my name and love for photography to their friends and family. And to those who have helped guide me on the professional side, as well as the technical side. I am so appreciative to everyone's help and love, it has not gone unnoticed. And to my family for their patience, all the babysitters and time in front of the computer editing photos! It means the world to me. Thank you God for the gift, unknown talent and time to do it!

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