Thursday, August 25, 2011

Catching up...AGAIN!

I'm going to attempt to fill in the blanks of the past 6 months! The kids ended school great and enjoyed playing soccer in the spring. Reagan was on the Purple Hornets team, along with one of her best friends from school and Ethan played for the Golden Lions and was AWESOME. For a little guy who's kind of clumsy, he's a star on the soccer field, handling the ball aggressively and playing so well. Reagan shined on her team as well, and was SO excited to get her trophy at the end of the season (2 years ago when she played, her coaches never gave out trophies and she was pretty bummed about it). So Ethan successfully made it through 2nd grade and Reagan flourished in PreK. I'm so proud of my little people. :) We'll hear more about our summer (and Miss Jordan) in my next post. I gotta break them up a bit. :)

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