Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve~and recap of our year~

For those of you that don't know, my birthday is on Christmas Eve.  My family growing up was always so great about making me feel special and not "jipped" out on presents and so forth, which is SO important when you're a kid.  This year, my friend Kat took me out for coffee while her daughter babysat my kids for free.  That right there is a great gift to me.  The day was so beautiful that I had this grand idea of getting the kids dressed in semi-Christmas best (we're not really fancy around here) and taking them to this great field and doing a rustic type Christmas shoot.  Well, of course, Miss Jordan had other plans that did NOT include me being able to take any decent photos of her.  Grrrrr!  I snapped a few of my other two and managed to nab a few of her as well, but still, not what I had envisioned by any means.  Oh well!

I also wanted to include a little recap of what this year has been like for the Faust family:
 I started my photography business, not really knowing what that would look like or if anything would come out of it.  The Lord has completely blessed my socks off with more work than I knew what to do with.  I feel so honored every time someone contacts me to shoot their photos, it just never gets old.  I'm unbelieveably thankful to everyone who has been supportive of me and to my family for putting up with me being out of the house more than they are used to.
 We welcomed a new niece to the world when my sister, Shonda, gave birth to her second child, Jessna Josine on May 6.  I was able to be there for the birth, but not in the delivery room for the C section. Boooo!
 Nick was offered a job at another dealership and decided to jump in and take it!  He enjoyed almost 6 months there...but God had other plans.  The week after Thanksgiving, he left that job, but not because of anything he had done.  The company just wasn't happy with where that particular dealership was going.  But Nick's not one to sit around on his hands.  While I was stressing and probably biting my nails and emotionally eating, he was on the phone making contacts and taking interviews.  Bam, 6 days later he lands a job at a LOCAL (no more commute or Oregon taxes) Honda dealership and is loving it.  It is fast paced and keeps him moving.  We are so thankful for his job and I'm so proud of him and his wonderful work ethic and perseverance.  
 The kids are doing great.  Jordan turned 1 in February, and I can't believe she's almost 2.  Sheesh it flies.  She's our feisty redhead, that's for sure.  She's so funny and comical and smarter than she knows what to do with.  She's giving me a run for my money!  But we love her.  She LOVES anything Sesame Street, especially Elmo, and can't wait for the bus every day when Ethan and Reagan come home from school.  She's a real daddy's girl, but I'm ok with that.  They have a great daddy so I can't be too jealous! :)
 Ethan played some soccer last spring and was AWESOME.  He can be kind of a scattered silly kid, but he sure can dribble that ball! It was so fun watching his games.  He continues to be our sensitive, gentle one, always quick to give me a hug!  But also being a boy, he can't multitask to save his life and is easily distracted by more fun activities than the ones I set him out to do. :)  He turned 8 this August and started 3rd grade which he loves.  I'm so proud of how well he does in school, especially socially.  When his teacher tells of how he befriends a boy that doesn't have many friends, I just want to burst my buttons. That's my boy! 

 My sweet Reagan is still my "easy" child.  She is wise beyond her years and I probably give her more to do than I should.  She's an amazing big sister to Jordan, she loves to mother her and play with her.  She's so helpful with chores and things you would never think a 5 year old would do (changing her baby sister's clothes, successfully, making her bed and her brother's bed, as well as I do, doing laundry). :)  She entered Kindergarten at the public school this year and is pretty much ready for 1st grade, but just loves her friends and her class.  She turned 6 in November and had a fun "feather" party, where she and her friends got feather extensions. Oh goody!

This summer we also welcome a new sister in law.  Nick's younger brother Chris married Tara on the beach in Lincoln City.  It was a beautiful day.  And to top it off they just entered a new phase of parenthood by giving birth to little Madison on December 5 (also Diana's birthday, Nick's mom).  I haven't met baby Madison yet but get to tomorrow. :)

 I'm still really involved at my MOMS group at church.  I was asked to be coordinator this year alongside my friend Ronda.  What an honor and task I don't take lightly.  I love and adore ALL the friends and women that I have met through that group.  They have helped me through some really trying times, and I've walked with them as well.  I'm so thankful for all of them and they have taught me so much, more than they'll ever know.

Well, that's all from the Faust house for 2011 (probably).  Later! :)


Shonda said...

Great recap and I love that picture of Jordan biting her lip. You got some good pictures despite. What a wild year and many more to come!

the o's said...

i love this! especially love the comment about emotional eating - hahaha! and i LOOOOVE these pics - love the rustic and casual feel. you will love these pics forever - such a great snapshot into life right now for you. miss you friend! xoxo