Thursday, February 9, 2012

Catchin' up and Livin' life!

As always, time goes WAY too fast!  The kids (and I) are another year older.  Christmas was a whirlwind and just didn't seem Christmasy with the balmy weather.  I really miss my parents at this time of year and hope to be able to start spending Christmases with them again soon!

Here's some updates via photographs of some things we've been up to:
Some of our good friends that now live in CA came for a visit.  Ethan and Caleb met in Kindergarten and were IMMEDIATE friends.  They've had this wonderful bond that now 4 years later, despite hundreds of miles and really only getting to see each other once a year, is still so strong.  They pick right up where they left off.  Those are the forever friends.  Caleb's younger sister, Adora, and Reagan have come to be good friends too (started off a little rocky). We love when they can come visit.


The Divas! :)
 I'm now into my second full year of my photography business, Kaptured by Koren Photography.  Last year was so amazing and I'm making strides to continue to learn more and hone my craft.  I am officially licensed now.  Woo hoo!  I just shot my first wedding of the year last weekend, and it was so amazing.  This time of year can be a bit slow so getting my itching feet wet felt amazing.  But in the meantime, I, along with my follow photographer friends, are always finding time practice, practice, practice!

I think I'm done, mom!

We are always searching for new locations to add to our lists.  My friend Heather found this great barn (I've driven past it but never really stopped to have a closer look) so we all took our kids out for some practice, using reflectors, a little glitter!  All in the name of being artistic!

I LOVED shooting this little doll, my friend Anna's daughter Abby! Too much cuteness.

Here's the glitter! It sticks to everything!

Angela workin' it!

 And don't forget, our little Jordan is going to be 2!!!!!!  How time flies.  She is getting so fun to be with, I'm really enjoying her goofy personality! Wow, she cracks me up.

 I recently purchased a new lens and reflector so I had to try them out the kids.  The reflector brings light from the sun to the face when the sun is behind the subject.  So learning how to use that without an assistant holding is is tricky.

These two were some students of another photographer, Karina.  We met at the barn again to practice.  It's fun working with older "kids", they just don't move around as much and don't get grumpy! :)

That's all for now.  I'll share some of my time with my sister, niece and nephew soon. :)

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