Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Time with my Sis and her 2 kids

I've realized since both my sister, Shonda and I have become moms, we just don't get to see each other as much as we used to.  She is my only sibling and we were so close growing (maybe she would say I was "clingy", but close describes it too).  We've always stayed close but marriage, miles and motherhood have taken it's toll.  We were finally able to carve out some time in mid January for a fun sisters/cousins visit.  We were blessed with one really good weather day, being able to take the kids to the park and all.  The next day it poured and we took a less than fun trip to the library, which last all of about 23 1/2 minutes (5 kids in tow, ahhh, what were we thinking).  The next day was calling for some snow, so she got home as quickly and safely as possible.

The kids had so much fun playing together.  Reagan and Shrade really hit it off.  She's so great at coming up with games for the little ones (hmmmm, kind of like her Auntie Shonda was ).  It was so fun seeing the kids play and laugh together!

Little Jessna is compared to a Cabbage Patch Kid, the roundest little head I've ever seen. :)

Our parents REALLY wanted some current photos of all their grandkids together, which doesn't happen very often.  Shonda and I even attempted a couple with some of us in there too!

This was much harder than it looks! Haha!

Here's to more visit with the cousins and SISTERS!!!

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Shonda said...

Oh, that was so fun! Glad we had good weather that one day! I love those pics!!!