Wednesday, March 28, 2012

All things Elmo...Jordan turns 2!!!!

Our little baby girl ain't so little anymore.  Jordan turned 2 on February 12, and while I'm not the world's best party planner, we had a fun time.  She just LOVES Sesame Street (my other two weren't really into it) so I did a Sesame Street theme and tried to do a "photo booth" for everyone to get their picture taken.  It sorta/kinda worked, but all in all I think she had a great time.

A little bit about our feisty redhead at age 2: 
*can talk in mostly full sentences and definitely knows what she wants
*no more binky
*still sleeps in her crib but is trying to cut naps out (I won't let her, not yet)
*loves to sing to the radio in the car and dances up a storm, and for someone as young as her, she can sing pretty well.
*can almost count to 20 missing only about 2 numbers
*recognizes several letters from the alphabet out of sequence (thank you Sesame Street)
*LOVES her brother and sister, although tortures them, landing her in time outs
*is very attached to her "mankies" (blankie) and her "goggie" (doggy).

We love our little spunky Jordan, life wouldn't be quite as exciting if she weren't around!

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