Saturday, September 20, 2008

Senior Pictures with Jenny!

My babysitter, Jenessa (we call her Jenny), was having a hard time finding someone to take her senior pics. When your jobs are babysitting and church work and your parents can't pay for it, the pickin's are slim. She'd had a couple people lined up to do them but they backed out on her. She loves photography and really likes my camera, so I offered my services. Not that I'm a wonderful photographer by any means but I thought I'd give it a try. So our payment policy is going to be some free hours of babysitting. Totally a win win to me. :)

Starting out with coffee from Starbuck's always puts things in good perspective. We went down to Columbia Way in Washington, right on the Columbia River that separates Washington and Oregon. I just tried to snap her as we went and we used ideas we both had. There were alot to choose from, but here's a few that I thought turned out cute of her. I hope she likes them and finds them adequate for use as her senior pics.

I snapped a few of Reagan too as we went. She was our little helper.

Isn't this one awesome? I tried some of the editing tools on my computer. Maybe I'll dink around some more but thought this turned out beautiful of her.
Jenny's the best babysitter in the world. She's babysat for hours on end for me, at a moment's notices when I was having crisis and even for free a few times. We love her and think of her a part of our family. When I pick her up, Ethan asks me to stay out a long time so he can play with her. :) Thanks Buddy. Hope you like your pictures, Jenny!

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