Friday, September 26, 2008

Tagged by Toni!

10 years ago.....

1.) I was 19, wow
2.) I just started dating Nick
3.) I was playing volleyball at Multnomah
4.) I was cramming for exams in college
5.) I was about 10 pounds thinner. :(

5 Things on my "to do list" today.....

1.) Get Ethan to school
2.) Get my chai, of course!
3.) Prepare for vb practice
4.) Do laundry
5.) Try to get a nap, which I did!

5 Snacks I enjoy.....

1.) Melted cheese on crackers
2.) Brownies
3.) Kettle popcorn
4.) Cantaloupe
5.) M&M's

5 Things I would do if I were a millionaire.....

1.) Pay off our debt
2.) Put away money for kid's college
3.) Buy new clothes
4.) Take my hubby on an awesome vacation
5.) Take each of my close girlfriends on fun trips

5 Places I have lived.....

1.) Oak Harbor, WA
2.) Reading, PA
3.) Stafford, VA
4.) Portland, OR
5.) Vancouver, WA

5 Jobs I have had.....

1.) Babysitter
2.) Barista
3.) Camp Counselor
4.) Receptionist
5.) Title Clerk

I'll tag...MIA!!!!

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Heather said...

Thanks for the comment on my last post. I really miss you guys too! I was going to go on Wednesday, but Kellen has two hour late start...Bummer:(