Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fresh Hair!

Yesterday I finally got to go and get my hair done, thanks to my hubby who gave me some bonus money he earned. I LOVE YOU! I always enjoy going to see Sara, she has a vision, she's awesome with color and cut and never makes you feel rushed. We decided to dye the under color more to my natural brown shade but keep the platinum highlights in so there's a subtle change from the bright blonde I've been getting. I love the bob cut on me too. I've had long hair my whole life and frankly, the short hair looks better on my face since it's so oblong. :) Anyway, here's the outcome and I love it, it's very fun. Also, I like how the darker colors make my eyes look so blue, always a plus.

Of course I've got to have some silly ones in there too. Makes looking at pictures more fun, right?

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